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  1. Im using STS version 4.6 with osC version 2.2RC2a Have fully functional working well STS template designed shop for which I am now changing the design. Previously only used sts_template.html and product template with $content placeholder centrally positioned to sts_template.html. This may not be an STS issue but having new shop's opening page as an html file with only selected placeholders in the breabcrumb line of the design and category placeholder to left, I want forward selection to be from category list but to achieve that I need to create index.php_22.html template incorporating $category and $content placeholders and so on and so on for each category. In turn this seems to demand copying these templates for shop non-category active files such as password_forgotten.php,account_history.php, checkout_payment.php - in other words for the $content element of each template there seems to have to be a matching STS html file. What I would like to do rather than duplicating so many STS templates is to retain just the sts_template.html and a product template BUT remove/never revert to the osCommerce 'home/welcome page' generated by index.php on its own. Hope this makes sense. Any ideas anyone?
  2. mcdr

    ePDQ CPI Module v1.10

    Have recently upgraded this module - no problems there! One issue is that in the email from Barclay ePDQ to shop owner confirming sale/transaction the customer's comments/special instructions are no longer included. Previously they were. Has anyone any idea what triggers 'comments inclusion'or in this case lack of it? Is it controlled by callback.php?
  3. mcdr

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I have just installed Advanced Specials v1.3.3 Contribution on a live site designed using STS 4.6. Installation was simple and the specials contribution works fine in two out of three page generated within the STS template... [A] FINE - Product listing in subcategories. Price is struck through in red and new special price shown NOT WORKING - Product description page. Price remains as before contribution, no special change [C] FINE - Shopping cart. Price is correct as special in [A] above. Have reverted to non-STS shop and the product description page does reflect changed price, so issue is with STS. Can anyone advise solution. Happy to PM php where necessary. Thanks.
  4. mcdr

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Jack - thanks. Tried all but no joy. Have checked Ultimate SEO and Googlefeeder installation 100 percent again. All certainly okay and in place as per installation instructions. Not a PHP person, so will have to pass to someone... Michael
  5. mcdr

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I have previously used Googlefeeder with MS 2.2 and no problems - it worked very well. Have now upgraded to osC 2.2RC2a with Ultimate SEO v2.2d and yesterday added Googlefeeder v2.6. Googlefeeder seems to be working through to Admin>>Tools>>Google Base and "Create & Upload GF datafeed". Click that and I get correctly titled .txt result in a flash - BUT IT IS EMPTY! Any thoughts anyone? Here are my googlefeede.php settings... define('SEO_ENABLED','true'); //Change to 'false' to disable if Ultimate SEO URLs is not installed define('FEEDNAME', 'shoptobase.txt '); //from your googlebase account define('DOMAIN_NAME', 'www.domain.co.uk'); //your correct domain name (don't include www unless it is used) define('FTP_USERNAME', 'xxxxxxxxxxx'); //created from within your googlebase account define('FTP_PASSWORD', 'xxxxxxxxxxx'); //created from within your googlebase account define('FTP_ENABLED', '0'); //set to 0 to disable define('CONVERT_CURRENCY', '0'); //set to 0 to disable - only needed if a feed in a difference currecny is required define('CURRENCY_TYPE', 'GBP'); //(eg. USD, EUR, GBP) define('DEFAULT_LANGUAGE', '1'); //Change this to the id of your language. BY default 1 is english define('QUOTES_CATEGORY_NAME',''); //if the Quotes contribution is installed, enter the name of the quotes category here define('OPTIONS_ENABLED', '1'); define('OPTIONS_ENABLED_AGE_RANGE', '0'); define('OPTIONS_ENABLED_ATTRIBUTES', '0'); define('OPTIONS_ENABLED_BRAND', '0'); define('OPTIONS_ENABLED_CONDITION', '1'); define('OPTIONS_ENABLED_CURRENCY', '0'); define('OPTIONS_ENABLED_FEED_LANGUAGE', '0'); define('OPTIONS_ENABLED_FEED_QUANTITY', '0'); define('OPTIONS_ENABLED_MADE_IN', '0'); define('OPTIONS_ENABLED_MANUFACTURER', '0'); //displays the manufacturer name define('OPTIONS_ENABLED_PAYMENT_ACCEPTED', '0'); define('OPTIONS_ENABLED_PRODUCT_MODEL', '1'); //displays the product model define('OPTIONS_ENABLED_PRODUCT_TYPE', '0'); define('OPTIONS_ENABLED_SHIPPING', '0'); define('OPTIONS_ENABLED_INCLUDE_TAX', '1'); define('OPTIONS_ENABLED_UPC', '0'); define('OPTIONS_ENABLED_WEIGHT', '0'); //the following only matter if the matching option is enabled above. define('OPTIONS_AGE_RANGE', '0-9'); define('OPTIONS_BRAND', ''); define('OPTIONS_CONDITION', 'New'); //possible entries are New, Refurbished, Used define('OPTIONS_DEFAULT_CURRENCY', 'GBP'); define('OPTIONS_DEFAULT_FEED_LANGUAGE', 'en'); define('OPTIONS_LOWEST_SHIPPING', ''); //this is not binary. Custom Code is required to provide the shipping cost per product. ###needs to be an array for per product. define('OPTIONS_MADE_IN', ''); define('OPTIONS_MANUFACTURERS_NAME_IGNORE', ''); //list if comma separated manufacturer names to be skipped - e.g. Matrox,Fox define('OPTIONS_PAYMENT_ACCEPTED_METHODS', ''); //Acceptable values: Cash, Check, GoogleCheckout, Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Discover, wiretransfer define('OPTIONS_TAX_RATE', 20.00); //default = 0 (e.g. for 17.5% tax use 17.5) define('OPTIONS_WEIGHT_ACCEPTED_METHODS', 'kg'); //Valid units include lb, pound, oz, ounce, g, gram, kg, kilogram.
  6. Had to move STS based website (host upgraded to PHP5 etc and globals-off) so took the opportunity of upgrading osC from 2.2MS-2 to 2.2Rc2a and reinstalled STS 4.6 dated 15 Feb 2010. When trying to access the website, I get this error message.. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare sts_strip_unwanted_tags() (previously declared in /home/xxxxx/public_html/shop/includes/functions/sts.php:19) in /home/xxxxx/public_html/shop/includes/functions/sts.php on line 39 Found mention of this problem on older STS forum (Post 497 24 Dec 2003) and tried suggested amend there, but to no avail. Can anyone point me in the right direction - please? Code around line 39 is... // Now let's un-reverse it $tmpstr = strrev($tmpstr); // print "<hr>After cleaning tmpstr:" . strlen($tmpstr) . ": FULL=[". htmlspecialchars($tmpstr) . "]<hr>\n"; return "\n<!-- start $commentlabel //-->\n$tmpstr\n<!-- end $commentlabel //-->\n"; } // STRIP_CONTENT_TAGS() - Remove text before "body_text" and after "body_text_eof" function strip_content_tags($tmpstr, $commentlabel) { // Now lets remove the <tr><td> that the require puts in front of the tableBox $tablestart = strpos($tmpstr, "<table"); $formstart = strpos($tmpstr, "<form");
  7. mcdr

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    See my previous post above. Gave up on 2.2RC2 and AM 2.8.8, simply could NOT get second and subsequent issues resolved. Also experiencing issues over other contributions used on 2.2MS2 site. Decided to grab bull by horns and go for complete new osC 2.3.1 install and add latest versions of previous used site contributions. With AM v2.8.9 I looked at install.html and posts #1102 by Chris and #1106 by RusNN. As 2.8.9 install.html refers to "only tested on MS2" and some coding mentioned does not appear in admin/categories.php in osC2.3.1, I am confused as to real changes needed for successful instalation. This is a great contibution and I would like to get it up and running again. Can someone clarify exactly any coding changes to admin/categories.php, etc to get AM2.8.9 working with osC2.3.1? I have trief two routes based on posts #1102 and #1106 with any apparent change of layout within osC Admin, add new product.
  8. mcdr

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I have just upgraded a shop from osC 2.2MS-2 to 2.2RC2a along with Ajax Attribute Manager to V2.8.8 All seems to be in place and correct as previously except that now in new products whilst I can correctly create a 'New Option' with a Value, Prefix and Price, for example... Sweat Shirt - Colour: amber, Prefix: none, Price: none When I come to create second and subsequent colour options, say black, ticking the green arrow in the pulldown against the colour simply changes the original amber colour entry to black - no additional colours are added. Clearly the contribution is not working and I suspect the database is a possible cause. Have checked all upgrade entries to v2.8.8 and they seem fine. Any ideas, anyone?
  9. I have reverted to the original version I was using via backup files but although everything seems to work in the Admin control my resultant Captcha panel is black - yes I did change background and text colours in admin. Using STS v.4.x See attached image: Additionally, does anyone know how I can make captcha panel surround black instead white leaving a coloured panel and white fill in box against the black design background? Any help much appreciated.
  10. Have been running v2.5 of this excellent contribution on osC MS2.2 for a couple of years now without problem. Upgraded sql using various supplied vresion upgrades in v3.1 folder, downloaded and manually amended files as per instructions, etc. Now getting this error message... Validation Code Fatal error: Call to undefined function tep_image_captcha() in /home/dogsnos/public_html/cart/includes/modules/validation.php on line 37 Latter file in question at line 37 reads... $validation_images = tep_image_captcha('validation_png.php?rsid=' . $new_guery_anti_robotreg['session_id'] .'&csh='.uniqid(0), 'name="Captcha" vspace="8" border="1"'); My understanding is that error message calls for an image link, but what image? Can anyone help this amateur get v3.1 up and running?
  11. Many thanks Multimixer the form tags did the job! Michael
  12. Have used STS on previous site without issue. Now working on second - osc MS2 with STS 4.6. For shop product page have created product_info.php.html file within Contents sub-directory inside Test Directory. All placeholders image, price, description, etc work fine but placeholder $addtocartbutton shows up OK but doesn't add anything to shopping cart. Help - what am I missing?
  13. Not really STS. We have used freelance OsC programmers at www.getafreelancer.com - all giving right result at good US$ prices. Have a look.
  14. mcdr

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Thanks for that Jim. I have used the Auto Base Feeder add-on and it's up and running on Google Shopping but with one issue. The googlebase.php generates all as per set up but in the case of the images directory which is in the Catalogue Directory on the server it ignores the "catalogue" part of the URL for the image link, ie "http://www.domain.co.uk/images/" instead of "http://www.domain.co.uk/catalogue/images/" The URL for the product within the catalogue directory is, of course, fine otherwise it wouldn't have got to Google Shopping. Any ideas why this blip is happening? Many thanks. Michael
  15. mcdr

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Help! I have live working shop using Ultimate SEO URLS v2.6 with GoogleXML Sitemap v1.1 - all fine no issues. I urgently need to upload to Google Base and have installed Google Base v1.25 (30 Dec 08) which results in these two responses via browser: /googlefeeder.php HEADING_TITLE File completed: xxxxxxxxPART01.txt Connected to uploads.google.com, for user xxxxxxxxx Uploaded http://www.domain/feeds/xxxxxxxxPART01.txt to uploads.google.com as xxxxxxxxxPART01.txt Script timer: 19.909242 seconds. /feeds/xxxxxxxxxPART01.txt {\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\cocoartf949 {\fonttbl} {\colortbl;\red255\green255\blue255;} \paperw11900\paperh16840\margl1440\margr1440\vieww9000\viewh8400\viewkind0 } Should I be using latest Google Base Auto Feeder v1.1 (12 Feb 09) and if so is contribution only two files?