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  1. I am having a problem whenever a customer in Canada tries to place an order, they get an error from the FexEx zones contrib... For example: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near '2P2 >= pcode_from and M5V 2P2 <= pcode_to' at line 4 SELECT * FROM fedex_pcode_to_zone_xref WHERE M5V 2P2 >= pcode_from and M5V 2P2 <= pcode_to [TEP STOP] Is there a simple way to edit the FedEx zones to by-pass that shipping option when shipping to canada and just use the USPS rates (which is already set up)?
  2. How can I force it to do this? OSC seems to want to automatically choose to cheapest method.
  3. Is there an easy way to do this? I've recently had a frustrating amount of orders where the customer selected "in store pickup" because it's free thinking I wouldn't "catch it" and have gotten downright RUDE about it when I ask for shipping.. I of course am always polite and professional when I contact them, but they aren't as courteous back. Since that obviously isn't working well, and people don't seem to understand what "Austin, TX only" means, is there a way I can limit the option to only those people with Texas addresses? I looked into the spu.php (or flat.php, as they are near identicle files) and there isn't anything obvious to me to use to limit the selection... can someone help?
  4. sf7804

    Repeat order function

    I agree, or perhaps something like "add all items in order to cart" when viewing the order history similar to what OfficeDepot.com has. Crude, but functional ;)
  5. I'm not Steve, but that label is here http://www.softwareforms.com/ I'm presently interesting in finding something to use as well for a combo form/label output from OSC.