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  1. andyjamison

    Paypal scam???

    I was not aware of it being broken on there end as i have not had problems with it. I had to pay a developer to get it working but once it worked i had no problems with it. It is good to know that it is broken on there side so i can keep an eye on it to make sure it does not screw up
  2. andyjamison

    Paypal scam???

    This is a common problem that i have experienced with the default paypal mod. I found that if you manage to get it working PayPal IPN Mod is much less likely to have this problem as with the regular mod. OSC views any successful pass of a sale to PayPals website as a completed order with the regular PayPal mod. With PayPal IPN you get direct two way communication with paypals servers so OSC does not update the sale status till the sale is finalized on PayPals side. At least this is the expirence I have had hope it helps
  3. andyjamison

    Merchant Partners (PayMeNow)

    I am using your Merchan Partners Payment Mods and they work great except after proccesing the sale they fail to return the user to an existing webpage instead they get a 404 file not found error but i am getting reciepts showing my test payments going through any idea on how to fix this i imagine it is not that complicated to fix