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  1. When uploading image to Products Image:Main Image used in catalog & description page. Clicking on th icon brings a window of my FTP directory that allows me to select file from a sub-folder under catalog/image and it's stored that way as well. The link is set to the sub. When I try to add additional image, using the mod, it goes to my local drive to look for images. How do I configure this to make sure it functions like the main image for product that lets me navigate to sub-folders (music/praiseworship/acryfromdown_sm.gif). What I would like to happen is when I click on browse, it defaults to catalog/image and I can start nagivating from there. Any help will be greatly appreciated. The assumptiong with the contribution right now is that all images are going to be stored in image folder which I would like to organize my image folder by categories. Thanks! Isaac. :rolleyes:
  2. BlessIsaacola


    Since it most like that a store would issue refund, is there any plan in the future to support refunds in this contribution. Also, where to we modify the confirmation email that goes out the customer using paypal payment? Thanks!
  3. Help Please --- I am having major issues with my installation of Header Tags Controller. The error I get when I click on Catalog in admin is My Admin/categories.php is pasted below. I do not know much about PHP but I have a feeling that there are lots of syntax error in this code. The other contribution I have that have modified this file before is Ultra Pics. Can email the file as an attachment to whoever is willing to help!!! I will appreciate if you can review the code below and provide some assistance:
  4. BlessIsaacola

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    UPG: To upgrade from v1.8, simply replace the sts_display_output.php file. Hope this helps!!!
  5. BlessIsaacola

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Which seems to be because the application_top and sts_display_output are both requiring the same files. Commenting out either group appears to fix that, however, it gives rise to another problem, which is this: and line 189 is: Can anyone help me figure out why this is? (running on a local machine [win32, apache 1.3, php 4.23]) Everything else seems to work locally, so I can only assume its a problem with the combination of the two. The header tag controller is already integrated into STS. If you want to use it, just copy it's files into the appropriate places, but DO NOT MODIFY the files in /catalog/ as the lines you would normally update are already built into STS. Check the STS README.txt file for details. - Brian How do I enable Header Tag that is included with STS 1.8 and which files do I need to copy and where do they need to be copied to?
  6. BlessIsaacola

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    The above error is what I get when I go to my shop. line 110 reads but there is no clean_html_comments.php file included in the contribution. What am I missing? Thanks for your help!
  7. BlessIsaacola

    Admin File Edit Error

    When I try to access Define Languages under Tools in Admin I get the above error. Does anyone know what I need to do to fix this problem so I can access these files? Thanks!
  8. Greetings all- Can you guys please tell me if it would be wise to stick with the osCommerce 2.2 without basic template if I plan to install a lot of mods. Also, would it be easier for future upgrade to not use basic template? It seems like basic template changed a lot of files that are part of the original install and any mod I want to use references lines that no longer exist. Any help on how to proceed on this delicate issue? Thanks!