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  1. vduffaut

    [Contribution Update] All Prods v2.4

    Hi again ! I don't know if someone told but you wont see all product if one exist without a category describing it Take care :(
  2. vduffaut

    [Contribution Update] All Prods v2.4

    Hi ! I did a minor change to have the titles of the Headings for the report language compliant (the text is still not compliant) // In allprods for each language : // Begin : Add by V. Duffaut define('HEADING_TITLE_PRODUCT_NAME', 'Nom Du Produit'); define('HEADING_TITLE_MODEL', 'Mod?le'); define('HEADING_TITLE_MANUFACTURERS', 'Soci?t?'); define('HEADING_TITLE_PRICE', 'Prix'); // End : Add by V. Duffaut in allprods generic <td align="left" class="productListing-heading"><?php echo HEADING_TITLE_PRODUCT_NAME; ?></td> <td align="left" class="productListing-heading"><?php echo HEADING_TITLE_MODEL; ?></td> <td align="center" class="productListing-heading"><?php echo HEADING_TITLE_MANUFACTURERS; ?></td> <td align="right" class="productListing-heading"><?php echo HEADING_TITLE_PRICE; ?> </td> <?php // This is kept to show what to replace // <td align="left" class="productListing-heading">Product Name</td> // <td align="left" class="productListing-heading">Model</td> // <td align="center" class="productListing-heading">Manufacturer</td> // <td align="right" class="productListing-heading">Price </td> ?> Have fun ! Vincent :oops: