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  1. Hi, has anyone built an oscommerce shop with a horizontal drop down menu rather than a side bar menu? Anyone know how to go about it?! I've found these contribs - are they any good does anyone know? http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4228 http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,46 Any advice much appreciated! Thanks! Lisa x
  2. Hiya, I think this contribution is great, but I've just noticed a funny thing happening where I've used it: I set it up on a pre-existing site for someone who came to me looking for someone to update their shop, and sometimes I get this: http://www.hoppocketwine.co.uk/celtic-spir...e3fa9e9b981bff7 and at others I get: http://www.hoppocketwine.co.uk/celtic-spir...pack-p-393.html Yesterday I only seemed to get the extra digits on the home page, but today it's all over the site - I know that it's pretty crazy to say it comes and goes, but that is how it seems... Has anyone else experienced this/got any ideas? Thanks! lisa x
  3. lisaanne

    Flash in oscommerce

    Hi, I've got a client who wants oscommerce, but they've already invested in some 360 degrees flash images and I was wondering if anyone knew whether they would go into oscommerce? Basically each item that goes into the catalogue, needs to be able to have the flash image associated with it. You can see the 'flash image' here - it's a selection of jpgs for each item, which people can rotate through by clicking on the image. V nice, but not sure if it'll work... http://www.tg-photography.com/360viewer/bellanina.html Any ideas gratefully received! Many thanks! lisa x
  4. Hi, Does anyone use this contrib with paypal DD payments and Express Checkout? As I've used both on my clients site and when you select your postage - go to paypal - and come back, it's forgotten your postage selection. Any ideas/anyone else had this problem? Thanks! Lisa x
  5. Hi, Like others above I've got a problem when using Paypal Express Checkout - if you click on the paypal icon it skips the input field coupon completely because it goes straight to payment_confirmation.php. And if you use the regular checkout button, you see the normal checkout_shipping.php, checkout_payment.php etc so you can enter the code - but then it whisks you off to paypal and when it comes back to checkout_confirmation.php it's forgotten the voucher code (and the shipping for that matter). Anyone got any ideas? I haven't installed Paypal IPN or whatever it's called, just use the PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Website Payments Pro (UK) Direct Payments modules that came in oscommerce 2.2 RC2. I have added in an extra shipping module that might be getting screwed up with discounts and coupons, as I noticed I had to edit some of the same pages to install coupons today. Any ideas very gratefully received!! Lisa x
  6. I've also discovered this problem - when you add an item to your cart from a list of products within a category, and then click 'continue shopping' to go back to that list of products, when you hover over the 'Buy Now' button you can see the destination URLs all have the same product id in them. V odd! Have (temporarily) got round this by just hard coding the 'Continue Shopping' button to link to the home page, just so it's still there and customers feel they have somewhere to go next. I tried putting in some javascript to just take people 'back', and this worked fine unless someone updated their cart and then clicked 'continue shopping' the javascript just refreshed that shopping_cart page again. If anyone's got a proper fix it'd be much appreciated! Thanks! lisax
  7. Hi, I've installed Header Tags - but just can't see to be able to use it! I've stated on 'Text Control' what I'd like the header data to be on the home page/index, but it only shows the defaults. And it only shows the defaults on products too. Is it something to do with the fact that if I click 'Fill all Tags' on Fill Tags and click 'Update', then navigate away from that page, and then go back again - it's gone back to 'Skip all Tags'? Is it not remembering my preferences or is that how it should be? The site is here: http://www.the-gift-bazaar.co.uk I really need to get this site SEO'd/have product names as title tags for my client, but this has absolutely done my head in today! Please someone help!! :'( Thanks, Lx
  8. Hi, I really like this contribution - and whilst setting it up everything was going well... until I discovered I only get the defaults on the product info pages. The category pages are right, and the metadata for the products is going into the database - just something isn't letting it display on the products_info page like it should. Anyone else had this problem/got any ideas? I've used pretty much the files that came with the pack, so don't think I've typo-ed anything! Thanks, lisa x
  9. lisaanne

    renaming shipping options

    Hi, know this probably comes under the banner of Zone Rate, but I need to let people within my county in Somerset get free delivery. I've set up something that does the job using flat rate and table rate - but I basically just need to rename these to Standard Delivery and Local Delivery - where do I make this change to the names? Any ideas gratefully received! Same goes for payment options - I'd like to change Paypal to 'Paypal, Credit and Debit Cards' and 'Cash on Delivery' to '30 day Account'. Thanks! Lisa x
  10. lisaanne

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    Hiya, Can you please tell me what you did to get things to show up after you've added them to the wish list? I seem to have the same problem you had the other day... using wishlist 2.2, when you add something to the wishlist and then go to view your wishlist it says 'showing 1 of 1' but with nothing there. And so when you email the wishlist to a friend the email comes through without any items on it. It's at http://www.kjcollection.co.uk/catalog http://www.kjcollection.co.uk/catalog/wishlist.php Would be v v grateful if you had chance to let me know what you did to solve this problem! Lisa x