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  1. hotnuts21

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi guys, Our orders just suddenly stopped working, we have not changed anything on the site for ages so not sure whats caused it. Basically now when a customer hits the 'confirm' button, they are taken to the paypal site and instead of getting a order page, it just takes them to the home page https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr which is a bit weird. I got an IPN invalid process email which is essentially blank $_POST: $_GET: Any pointers on what might be causing this? Im digging at the moment but not coming up with much, have upgraded to latest version, but its a weird thing to just stop. Interestingly the last 3 orders through paypal (we dont do many due to the nature of product, its mainly pickup and cheque). Last one on 27th Feb, went through fine. 18th feb, registered as 'Awaiting Paypal Clearance' and nothing after that, no return to site or IPN confirmation 12 Jan, went through fine. This is very strange.
  2. hotnuts21

    Im finally stumped

    Can someone tell me how to set up the following. I want to use a table of weights, and set different rates for different parts of the UK. For example the scottish highlands and N.Ireland are more expensive than just the uk. If I use zones_module, there is no where to select the Geo zones I can only input a country ISO code. If I use table rate then as the shipping only goes up to 4kg if any of the orders are over that it shows as 0.00 price, instead of just dissapearing like the zones module does. How do you guys sort this out?
  3. When you select a shipping module to install, you then have to edit/configure it to show. Using the Table Rate for example, you can select the sort order, handling fee etc. You also have a drop down box for both the 'Tax Class' and the 'Shipping zone'. The shipping zone list shows a list of pre-created zones you have put together. All works well. However if you use the zones module of shipping, you do not have this 'shipping zone' drop down list. All you have is the option to insert Zone 1 Countries. Now this is fine, but if in your pre created zones, you have split up a country into a number of zones for example GB north and GB south, all you can put in this box is GB so you cant use your predetermined zones. Is there a way around this?
  4. hotnuts21

    UK - Secure Trading Module Required

    Does anyone know if its possible to log what happens in the Oscommerce site during callback? Im using securetrading. I have changed BOTH instances of osCid to oscid I have callback spoof set to falsh I am using a ref no for the files I have check session id set to false I totally rewrote the callback URL to ensure tabs are used. ST tell me that the script is returning to checkout_process.php but for some reason it takes me to login.php and shows the cart as full. It would be good to be able to debug what is going on, OSC side. Anyone any ideas?
  5. hotnuts21

    fast easy checkout

    redrum, In config set goto > sessions and set everything to false. Then turn off your cookies and let me know what happens. Basically i test everything on my xp laptop, and for some reason, i cannot carry the session id in a cookie on localhost, i have to pass the session ID in the URL to enable checking out etc. When on this setting, it gives the errors I explain above, however when i send up the entire shop to my live *nix server, it works fine.
  6. hotnuts21

    fast easy checkout

    Great Contrib, although I may have a bug. When creating an account, with no cookies. When you press the continue button after filling in details about your account your passed to the login page, logging in just brings you back to the create account page. I think this only happens if user does not allow cookies. rgds Paul
  7. hotnuts21

    Google Analytics module

    One thing I did notice was that in the installation instructions it says to include this in the body tag. onLoad="java script:__utmSetTrans()" However google says it should be onLoad="javascript:__utmSetTrans()" Not sure if the space in the word Javascript is making any difference, Firefox definitely thought it was, so maybe thats the cause. If so the contrib instructions need to be updated.
  8. hotnuts21

    Google Analytics module

    Thanks for that. We are using Worldpay but the sql query should pull the amounts from the DB like everything else, so im a bit confused why it isnt working quite right. Strange.
  9. hotnuts21

    Google Analytics module

    This is great module, saved me some work getting it all set up manually. Just one question, which is to do with the reports that you get at google. Everything seems to be working great and google is tracking the sales, however when looking at the Revenue and Transactions, under Ecommerce Analysis nothing shows up. Does this only work if you are using it with adwords for conversion tracking, or should it show up all transactions? If so does this mean that the transaction costs are not being sent to google? thnx
  10. hotnuts21

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Kymation, Just wanted to say thanks for all the help you have given me and others in this thread. I have MVS installed and working very well. We needed it not for drop shippers but because the types and ranges of shipping varied so much we needed to be able to control it per product. This worked very well. I have modified it a lot to fit in with our site and remove a lot of the individual vendor detail in both checkout and admin. It now looks like a normal order to the customer. So thanks :)
  11. have a bit of an urgent problem. We installed and tested and tested and tested this over and over again and it worked fine each time, even though a few bits and bobs needed tweaking. However we set the changes live, after migrating it from the test stie and our first GV order has not shown up in the GV que nor has it been sent to the customer. We have it set to que vouchers. I checked the DB and its not been inserted into the que table, where do i look for the code which inputs this into the table. I need to find this quickly because we cannot authorise GV at the moment EEK! thnx
  12. hotnuts21

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    It doesnt stop the actual display order of the vendors shipping options, however it does now work. Incidently I used krsort to get what i needed. Seems to be working well. Great :D
  13. hotnuts21

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Interesting, I have found that the vendor order is determined by the products order in cart. For instance, only one set of products requires a seperate shipping vendor. If that product is added to the cart as the first product, then in the shipping the vendor for that product shows up first, if however its added to the cart last, or after any of the other products, then its shipping option shows up second in the list of vendors shipping. Very strange. I only have one shipping option per vendor, so it just shows the products and the shipping option per vendor. But depending on what order they are in the cart determines which vendor is listed first.
  14. hotnuts21

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    I have a weird error. I have two shipping methods, one of which is a custom hack, which has to carry out some checks and forward the user to a information page, before they can finish the checkout. However if my custom shipping mod, appears first in the list of shippers, it does not carry out it checks and the customer can check out. If however its second in the list (the second vendor shipping item you see) then it carries out the checks fine. This is very strange, Firstly does anyone know how to fix this quirk? Secondly what decides what order the vendors shipping are shown, is it product order, if so is it possible to sort them? thnkx
  15. Scranmer, I deleted the whole section and re-wrote it, it works fine now, although I cant see where it went wrong. That double ;; i had spotted but it didnt seem to make much difference. Go figure! Thnkx anyway. A tip for anyone else I changed this to this I removed the nl2br, because the tep_mail function already does this. So all my emails had double <br> in the HTML versions. However I also altered the tep_mail function so it replaces with <br /> too.