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  1. nafri

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    i tried this and it works . is this correct. RewriteRule ^([a-z0-9/-]+)-p-([0-9]+).html$ product_info.php?products_id=$2 [R=301,NC,L,QSA]
  2. nafri

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    hi guys i have been using addon for a very long time. Now I need to remove this addon. when i disable this addon in the admin side the url revert back to original oscommerce format. But when i click on any spidered index html link it doesn't load the product page, it goes straight to index page. I think i need to rewrite the RewriteRule .Any help please..
  3. nafri

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Hi All in checkout_shipping.php there is a JavaScript code. in bootstrap checkout_shipping.php there is no mention of any JavaScript. Where does this JavaScript goes in boot strap.version of checkout_shipping.php. kind regards nafri
  4. hi I am using paypal app with paypal express checkout.. I got Instant Update enabled so shipping cost is sent to paypal. I offer 4 days shipping and premium next day shipping. When customer goes to paypal website to make payment he gets to see the available shipping options. If he selects the next day shipping .Paypal updates the total with the right shipping and total amount. When customer is sent back to checkout_confirmation.php .The shipping changes over to cheap 4 days shipping. and the total amount changes as well. Customer is charged what is shown on checkout confirmation not what was shown on paypal website. Any body else had this issue. regards nafri
  5. nafri

    Product listing

    itemprop="image links to the thumbnailed image.. any chance i can ge it to link to the main image.. Also can i increasse the compression on the images..
  6. nafri

    Product listing

    Hi Rainer Its perfect now. Many thanks for the contrib and your help. regards naf
  7. nafri

    Product listing

    @@Rainer thanks for the fix .. black border is now gone. what i notice now is that if a image is 150x150 in width and the backend is set to 318x318 .It leaves the image untouched. No white border is added to make the image size go up to 318x318. Before i added your above fix it was adding black background and increasing the size to 318x318.This also centered the image is this normal behaviour. Thanks for the contrib regards naf
  8. nafri

    Product listing

    i did check this as mentioned in one of your previous post.. i will pm you the store url now..
  9. nafri

    Product listing

    i installed the lastest version on a BS gold site.i am getting black border around thumbnales.There are Jpg images not png. i have folowed what has been mentioned earlier and check to make sure right edit has been added. I have setup the images to be 450x 450 in admin. Some images are small so a black border appears.if i cut down the size of the thunbnails then it doesn't . But i need the images to be atleast 450.I didn't had this issue when i was using the non BS version of oscommerce.
  10. hi at the moment i got 6 filters in one row. i want to show three filter per row. With 6 filters it is pushing the filter box to right and messing up the display of the page regards nafri
  11. hi jim thanks for replying. . i will have a look.. i think it works not because of the database as i thought initially but because of moving the code in the right place in index file. regards
  12. hi jim thanks for your help.. i finally got it working. i changed the database entry from True to true .. and the text showed up.I then changed it back and it still works. I also had to add an extra entry on the index.php file so the filter can show up after 2nd level category. My website shows prices with tax but the filter gets price directly from product price column which is without tax.any way to change this ? i cant figure out how to get instock filter to work.I want customer to be able to choose between instock and out of stock. regards nafri
  13. Both are Spelled right..
  14. hi strange i get no text.. but i can see the entry in database
  15. hi jim Many thanks for replying. I spent the whole day yesterday and i still cant get it to work. I am using index.php file supplied in your addon. I can get the filer on the side column to work.Which tells me the filter is working and set-up right. but cant get it to show up in the middle column. i even did the whole thing from scratch. New database and redid file edits. Show Filters Module is set to True . THE file DIR_WS_MODULES . 'products_filter.php is present. I am trying to show the filter on a sub category.Main category is Monitors, Tvs & Plasma =>Televisions --Filter to show when clicked on Televisions . Spec data has been added to products. i am using latest oscommerce. regards nafri