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  1. There seems to be a big browser issue with the java script on any Mozilla/Netscape , opera browser version. Works out of the box with IE. Does anyone have any updates or alternatives to the existing java.php? I am going to replace this with some simpler java which worked at one point but I "lost" my backups and everything: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function ChangePrice(listid,inputid,price,bprice) { dp=0; pd=0; p=listid.options[listid.selectedIndex].value.split("@"); inputid.value = p[0]; for(i=0;i<document.upgrade.elements.length;i++) { if (document.upgrade.elements[i].type=="select-one") { p=document.upgrade.elements[i].options[document.upgrade.elements[i].selectedIndex].value.split("@"); if (p[1]) { pd += eval(p[0]); } } } price.value = (Math.round((eval(dp) + eval(pd))*100))/100+bprice; } </SCRIPT> I've taken this from a previous build where I simply used the sku as listid, inputid as product name, the price and updated price. This script snippet is simply called with an onchange in the forms: <?php $ds = "ds".$dbpog->f("pog_id"); $pd = "pd".$dbpog->f("pog_id"); ?> <select onChange="ChangePrice(<?php echo $ds; ?>,<?php echo $pd; ?>,tprice,<?php echo $price["product_$ $ds; ?>" size="1"> ofcourse the above has to be changed to this contribs vars etc etc. Can anyone help with this?