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  1. I respect this contribution quite a bit as I would be lying through my teeth if I were to tell you that Google doesn't factor in social networks in their rankings. And its intensifying. Quick question about this contribution; hopefully someone will indulge me here. If I just wanted to install social bookmarking features on one or 2 pages of a 30 page commerce site, and these are custom php pages (not product pages), is this contribution worthwhile for me too look at?
  2. Victor Wise

    Customer Review Images Problem

    Richard, Wow! I can't believe someone finally made a customer review tool that displays pictures. I've been looking for something like this for a while now.... never thought I would find it for free on osC. :P Thanks again
  3. Victor Wise

    Google Analytics module

    I had a problem getting ecommerce tracking to work properly. Google cannot read the code in checkout_success.php if you tell your robots.txt to exclude /catalog/.
  4. Victor Wise

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    Hi Carine, Thanks for helping me out. Though in all honesty, it took me a couple days of reading it until I felt like I had gained any understanding. Probably took you two seconds to write. So the product pages seem a good candidate for the website optimizer, huh? I don't think I will be using them any time soon. What about if I just created individual PHP pages though? - for each landing page?. Would that work? Never would have thought about this. While I am curious to see which font has the highest conversion rate and how much my yellow form fields raise conversion rates over white form fields: this is probably more trouble than its worth to me. I feel pretty confident about most of the components of the CSS. Google optimizer is just too cool of a toy to not have its full benefits. The two main functions I want are to tweak the headlines and the landing page pictures. And there are some writing techniques I would like to experiment with also, in regards to the site copy. Thanks again, Victor PS: I like your avatar. You know, Maurice, the guy who plays the voice of Brain, is a friend of mine.
  5. Thanks Steve :) I just installed the new spiders.txt file :thumbsup:
  6. Victor Wise

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    Is it possible to use Google's new website optimizer tool for conducting multivariate tests on these html virtual pages created with the information pages unlimited contribution? According to google, you can't use it with sections of a page that are database driven; however, I'm not sure what that means.
  7. Victor Wise

    SEO Contrib

    Where are you today Chemo?
  8. That is a really nice philosophy Herald :rolleyes:
  9. Victor Wise

    Estimated Delivery Time on Product page

    I checked out your website and saw this function in action - very interesting. But I notice on your site that this information, as well as shipping costs, is not available on the view cart contents page. I think this may be a more relavant place to insert information on shipping time and cost. Just a thought :)
  10. Victor Wise

    Ebay / Myspace store

    My objective is to obtain better quality testimonials - not traffic. When I say better quality testimonials, I am talking about picture testimonials. For a customer, it is easier to trust a review when you can see who left it. And there can be no sales without trust :D So, instead of trying to obtain picture reviews from transactional emails that link to a complicated upload feature, I was thinking that it would be a hell of a lot easier just to use myspace to collect reviews. For a vertical business, every user comment could be a review (or a band solicitation). But how do you take advantage of this?
  11. Victor Wise

    Ebay / Myspace store

    any feedback?
  12. Victor Wise

    Ebay / Myspace store

    I had an idea that, if possible, would give a boost to your conversion rate. As most of you are aware, Ebay and Myspace are partnering up to create myspace stores. In short, this should give you a plentiful and easily obtained supply of product testimonials on your myspace page. A myspace testimonial would be superior to the staple line of text, referred to as a review' found on OSC sites. If you were to be selling on myspace, how could you also display these testimonials (profile comments) on your OSC page - preferably as a rotating testimonial? Any idea's? I was thinking that if duplicate content became an issue, you could turn the entire testimonial into a jpeg. While I don't understand the programming aspects involved - if possible this, could solve the 'empty review page'. Not to mention that a review which includes a persons profile and picture is just superior to any peace of text you could possible display.
  13. I would be lost without your honest views and help with my site. Dazzling anyone with your amazing magic tricks yet? My bday is the 20th so i know we are alot alike. From one fish to another.. Keep up the great work. I love your site www.catster.com



  14. Kali is awesome! She is truly a positive feminine touch to the oscommerce forums. Lets face it people, we do need a woman's to how things run around here.

    And she makes awesome soap!