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  1. firebug only reports that it occurs at line 65 of requester.js -Jeep
  2. I have just moved my site to a new Server. Now everytime I try to click on a button that would call up a prompt window ( the Minus sign to remove an attribute or the + to add a new one) i get the message: "There was an error while retrieving the URL: Internal Server Error" When there is no prompt, everything works fine. I can choose an existing attribute and use the check box just fine. I am running Ajax attributeManager v2.8.14. but had the same issues on v2.8.10 (on the new server... 2.8.10 worked on the old server) OSC 2.2 MS2 PHP 5.3.3 Apache 2.2.15 MYSQL 5.1.73-log I am at a loss here. Any suggestions on where to look or more info needed to get a suggestion?
  3. Jeep1997

    freeamount 3.5e

    I have downloaded the contribution freeamount 3.5e and installed it on two of my sites. On both sites I have configured to allow for free shipping if a purchase is over $100. Neither of my sites are showing free shipping as an option at check out. On one site I have installed both UPS (xml) and USPS Methods. On the other site I have only installed USPS Methods. I am guessing that there is some issue in the checkout_shipping.php file as there is a ton of code in there talking about a free shipping option. I assume that this is some sort of a default free shipping from within the oscommerce package, but I cant find where I would set the free shipping defaults. Has anyone run into this before where the Contribution is not showing up? Thanks Rick
  4. Jeep1997

    freeamount 3.5e

    So I uninstalled the module again. Deleted everything. Re-uploaded the contribution. Suddenly it works. I don't really know how or why... ohh well! Rick
  5. Jeep1997

    freeamount 3.5e

    So I have tried setting up a single tax zone for all countries all zones. I then set the FreeAmount Option to my new master zone. I then attempted to process the order. Free Shipping is still not showing up anywhere.
  6. Jeep1997

    freeamount 3.5e

    I have not set up anything with zones. so I left the zone as none in the admin. I have also set the amount to 100.00 and attempted to put through a sale at $1000+ dollars. Yet nothing is showing up. hmm... I am sure it is something simple that I am missing... I am going to attempt to set up zones now and process an order. I have also updated to the latest version ... 3.5f Any other Ideas while I try to set up zones? Thanks Rick