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  1. I have the same requirement (as does Le Quoc Hung, I notice) Tom, have you or anybody found a contribution that handles 'Admin Access into a group'? or ... anyone working on such a solution at the moment? ah-ha ... maybe this will work ... just found it: "Listing Products Instructions in admin for vendors" http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri.../search,vendors Thanks Puddle
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    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    thanks nate much appreciated!
  3. puddle

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    smarty? just grasping at straws i guess. i've removed the tep_href_link function call in the code below and the menu nodes still show as links but just without an actual address (<a href="index.php?osCsid...) ... because the template has the <a href> in it. // original code $output .= str_repeat(".", $level+$lvl_adjust).'|'.$val.'|'.tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT, $cPath_new).'|'.$this_title.'|'.$menu_icon_file.'|'.$this_selected.'|'.$this_expanded."\n"; // code with tep_href_link call removed. $output .= str_repeat(".", $level+$lvl_adjust).'|'.$val.'|'.FILENAME_DEFAULT.'|'.$this_title.'|'.$menu_icon_file.'|'.$this_selected.'|'.$this_expanded."\n"; i'm trying to achieve the image below whereby 'women' is shown but is not a link. bottoms etc would be linked. please please help with code as to how to show the title without it being linked.
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    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    Thanks Nate, but still really trying and still really battling ... I'm trying to set one specific top level category to be non-linked ... just the title showing with the linked subcategories showing underneath upon mouseover. The '<a href' seems to come from the template file 'layersmenu-horizontal_menu.ihtml' . ( or not??) The relevant code from the template, including the <a href> would be: <!-- BEGIN cell_link --> <div id="{menu_layer_label}" class="horizitem {target}" onmouseover="clearLMTO();" onmouseout="setLMTO();"> <a href="{href}"{onmouseover}{title}><img align="top" src="{imgwww}{transparent}" width="1" height="16" border="0" alt="" /><!-- BEGIN cell_icon --><img align="top" src="{iconsrc}" width="{iconwidth}" height="{iconheight}" border="0" alt="{iconalt}" /> <!-- END cell_icon -->{text}<!-- BEGIN cell_arrow --> <img src="{imgwww}{downsrc}" width="{downwidth}" height="{downheight}" border="0" alt=">>" /><!-- END cell_arrow --> </a> </div> <!-- END cell_link --> So, I'd have to switch that part of the template off, correct? ... but if so, what syntax to use and how to code it? I tried the smarty way,: {if ($cPath_new == 21)} <!-- BEGIN cell_link --> <div id="{menu_layer_label}" class="horizitem {target}" onmouseover="clearLMTO();" onmouseout="setLMTO();"> <a href="{href}"{onmouseover}{title}> etc {/if} ... but that 'if' syntax doesn't work. also, removing the ' <a href="{href} ' from the code causes havoc .... please if i may ask for more help ... TIA
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    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    Great contribution all round! How would one deactivate a link on a specific main category? That is, leave the specific $val showing but not have it as link ... only it's sub categories would be links. ( using horizontal if that's relevant ) I read post 158 and Nate's reply about changing the url (setting cpath to be different with if statement), but I'm still lost. Where is the actual "<a href" created that I'd have to remove within an if statement. Apologies if I'm missing something really basic in osc coding. TIA Puddle