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  1. Cute doggy! :)

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    Dynamic SiteMap

    Thanks for the quick reply. I installed 2.0 and it works. I am sorry to bother you on such an easy fix, I am always hesitant to use contributions modified from the original version by someone other than the developer. But in this case the new version worked perfectly. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. yalisma

    Dynamic SiteMap

    Thank you for looking at this. I am getting the common "unable to determine link" error; and I have the box blocked in the dynamic_sitemap.php file. The box causing the issue is ul_categories.php. Here is part of the code from dynamic_sitemap: strpos($file, 'phponline') !== FALSE || strpos($file, 'sgem_education') !== FALSE || strpos($file, 'ul_categories') !== FALSE || strpos($file, 'tell_a_friend') !== FALSE || strpos($file, 'whats_new') !== FALSE ) continue; I started testing it by taking the blocks off of some of the other areas and noticed that it would respond to some and not others, but I do not see a logical pattern. I know its there, I am just missing it. Hoping that you know of something to check right off the bat. If it will help you to take a look at the page it is here. http://www.yalisma.com/catalog/dynamic_sitemap.php Thanks in advance.
  4. Please ignore this - I put it in the wrong area. Sorry.