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  1. hi to all i have a big problem .. when i insert an images for the directory ... i can't see it. In preview i can see the images but in the db don't exit ... can Anyone help me plz? Thk workin
  2. workin


    i don't find /includes/modules/order_details.php How i can install any where this contribution?? Thk very much
  3. workin

    ADMIN_EMAIL Problems!

    ok now i give the mod and try...
  4. workin

    ADMIN_EMAIL Problems!

    Hi to all These problems is the missing about define in a file of your language. If you are using linux enter in the directory about osCommerce/admin and write grep ADMIN_EMAIL_SUBJECT * for first time if you don't find continue with grep ADMIN_EMAIL_SUBJECT */*. Each command /* will give access to the next directory.. and i suppose if you use these approach you are con determine the error; Any way in order to solve the problem you have to these command define('ADMIN_EMAIL_SUBJECT ', 'the text you want'); in the appropriate file. if you give me the name of the program you use i can try to help you. Workin