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  1. lmahar

    Paypal IPN V1.5

    Thanks for your time and patience, Using a real business acct(paypal) I was able to process a order on both sites, my test site and the production site. Sandbox business accts would also process correctly. Using the owner of the production sites paypall acct, was the problem. They have only a personal acct.. And I noticed that, using aggregate did not send needed info, Per item does.
  2. lmahar

    Paypal IPN V1.5

    Its a "shared" server, I am using 2 dif domains. 1 setup of cart on each domain. On my test site, paypal confirmation page shows, (shopping cart- then a link to invoice or details) this shows on both live paypal and with sandbox, and the orders are processed . The "production" site on a dif domain, shows the shop name on the confirmation page (live) but no link to cart or details. Paypal wil not send payment unless it has a invoice form either buyer or seller. which caused a problem.
  3. lmahar

    Paypal IPN V1.5

    I have 2 sites with cart, the one I test on proceeds fine (sandbox) with paypal. Orders placed on the live site, do not send a invoice to paypal, and customer payment does not process until paypal gets a invoice. the payment module was installed exactly as the test site.
  4. lmahar

    USP Shipping module

    I have read numerous posts on the UPS shipping module problems or lack of the module. I attempted to install both UPSXML_v1_2_3_1 and UPSChoice1.8, following the instructions. Put the additonal and modified php's in the proper place, yet when I open admin/shipping module, the UPS is not listed as a option, only the standard default options. Does anyone have a solution that would allow me to use UPS as a shipping option? thanks....