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  1. Big_Balou

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Thanks Adam I had already found a fix in your original version. This is a GREAT contribution that works and I appreciate the time you are investing in its support.
  2. Big_Balou

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    I am having the "out of balance" as well. I have compared IIF files generated by V1.01 and V2.01 and what I found is that the individual item prices are being put into the IIF file as positive instead of negative as they should be. When Quickbooks looks to make sure a transaction balances it looks at the total transaction amount first (positive number). It then adds each individual charge to give a itemized transaction total( should be a negative number). Next the two totals are added the end result should be "0". If it is the transaction is in balance if it is not the transction is "out of balance" . To solve our problem we have to find the code that generates the IIF and make sure that individual charges are listed as negative. This is already correct with the shipping charges just not the other item charges.
  3. Big_Balou

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Found a err... If you are using QBI with taxes turned on and are also using discounts when you try to go into set up after importing your IIF file from quickbooks I got an unknown field err for "qbi_tax". After some digging it seems as the wrong field name was used in an array. In admin/includes/functions/qbi_functions at line 207 you find : tep_db_query("INSERT INTO ".TABLE_QBI_DISC." (qbi_disc_name,qbi_disc_refnum,qbi_disc_desc,qbi_disc_accnt,qbi_disc_price,qb i_disc_type,qbi_tax) VALUES ('$qname','$qrefnum','$qdesc','$qaccnt','$qprice','$qitemtype','$tax')"); It should be : tep_db_query("INSERT INTO ".TABLE_QBI_DISC." (qbi_disc_name,qbi_disc_refnum,qbi_disc_desc,qbi_disc_accnt,qbi_disc_price,qb i_disc_type,qbi_disc_tax) VALUES ('$qname','$qrefnum','$qdesc','$qaccnt','$qprice','$qitemtype','$tax')"); It was causing out of balance problems on import of new orders.
  4. Big_Balou

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Thanks Adam I've been waiting on this...you're doing a great job. Now I see why the next version was taking a bit longer than you originally thought. :thumbsup:
  5. Big_Balou

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Forget my last question I answered it my self....stupid mistake on my behalf.
  6. Big_Balou

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Seems like today is the day for questions :) First off great contribution! My question is has anyone been able to use a template element(image) as a background for a table cell? I'm using v1.6 on ms2. I have been able to define all the template elements in sts_user_code but just haven't been able to get the backgrounds to work.
  7. Hello all. I'm relatively new to Oscommerce as well as PHP. I've lurked here for about a month and have been slowly learning my way around. I just tried the "Column Product Listing". Which seems to just be a simple file product_listing.php being replaced by a modded file. For some reason I'm receiving the following err : Fatal error: Cannot pass parameter 3 by reference in /catalog/includes/modules/product_listing.php on line 13. My line 13 from the downloaded contrib is : $listing_split = new splitPageResults($listing_sql, $HTTP_GET_VARS['page'], MAX_DISPLAY_SEARCH_RESULTS, 'p.products_id'); I'm using 2.2ms1 with the following contribs as of right now: Easy Populate,Linda's header Tag Contoller, PayPal IPN, PWA, X-sell, SID's killer. Any help trying to get a handle on this would be appreciated. PS. I've tried rearranging the parameters in the string to mirror that given by split_page_results.php and then I get an error for parameter 4 along the same lines.