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  1. <a href="http://www.zleague.com">www.zleague.com</a> is forums site about football discussions... i want to start a shop can it be integrated into forum somehow? :thumbsup:
  2. thank you thank you thank you I haven`t noticed this spider sessions stuff eventho i readed its all options like 10 times today hahaha Thank you again very much it all was about engines... users never look at this too much i believe/hope at last its fixed and google will proove in 2 weeks i hope... thank yyou again!
  3. Why when u stop SIDs from teh admin panel the ystill show up just after the 1st click and then they dissapear and show as it has to be with Ultimate SEO URLs... please help out as im not very familiar with php.. thank you , jangozo
  4. my web site is masksmarket .com if that is needed to say ... when opening it at 1st and u click on some of the left categories it shows url with SIDs in it.. but when you click again on soem product/category it gets fixed as it should be only with Ultimate SEO Urls [im so happy i made `em work at last hehe as im not familiar with php] .... and now this appeared ??? how the heck to fix it please give me an advice thank you in advance, jangozo
  5. I am not sure whats going on... i don`t know php and have no experience with osc ..... i installed SEO Ultimate URLs and at last they work for both products and categories pages are existing[had some problem with the .htaccess and friend helped]... NOW I DON`T KNOW WHY BUT CANNOT ADD PRODUCTS NOR CAN EDIT EXISTING ONES... it shows page for adding product .. showing few fields where to write the product name in 3 languages and goes to the field named : Seo ultimate url .... and from there nothing... page is blank down from it ... Can anyone help out with advice what to do? I can give access if needed if anyone can personal help me .. thanks in advance:) icq : 161178634
  6. jangozo

    Help with SEO Ultimate URLs Patch

    Well i fixed this it was the .htaccess problem a pro in oscommerce helped me out... but i have another problem and i cant bother him anymore or can afford to pay him right now ... SEO Ultimate URLs are installed.... now i cannot add products in the categories or edit the existing ones i i don`t understand why is that?
  7. im completely newbie in my php knowledges[maybe thats the biggets problem.. :-" ] so yea... i did all what`s written in the tutorial for instalation of Ultimate SEO URLs Patch for OSC... but somehow it now writes the directory and the products names as it has to... but does not open any pages for the directories... nor is allowing me to add products in the categories just to rename them... but yet there are no pages when you click at the category link... I would appreciate any help .. thank you in advance.. You can check my site for more information if needed : www.masksmarket.com PLEASE HELP OUT as i know how important it is at SEO field and i badly need this plug in/patch installed with my site. Thanks