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    Zone Editing

    That works. Thanks very much. Another query though. Even though I've done the changes, all the prices on the site are stilkl shown in Dollars. The default Country and Zone is and I've updated it all but as I say, the prices are still shown as $ Dollars. Any suggestions? Regards - Ronnie
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    Zone Editing

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    Zone Editing

    Can anyone help? I'm tring to change the currency settings. I've been able to change the country setting however when I try to do the same for the zone (currently set to Florida), the drop down field is empty. Has anyone encountered this before and if so any suggestions on how to fix it? The default currency is pounds/sterling, country is United Kingdom but the because the ZONE is locked down as Florida I think this is the reason that the currency on the shop is still showning Dollars. Help??? Ronnie