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  1. West One Hosting

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Hi I need some help I have installed QPBPP_v1_3_5 and it is looking like it all working but I now need to move the "Quantity box" from the top right corner to just above the add to cart and QTY box but with left align the align I can do but I have been trying to move this box now for about 2 to 3 hours and just can not get it to move. So all the help needed I can not be the only one that needs this?
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    Google Checkout AND Google Checkout IPN - together

    "That was the rule in the beginning, but GC has since 'relaxed' their policies regarding placement of GC." I hope you have that in a email from them as if not they will/can stop your GC account without notice.
  3. West One Hosting

    Doesnt show in payment method?

    Did you read the README.txt: INTRODUCTION ============ The Google Checkout module for osCommerce adds Google Checkout as a Checkout Module within osCommerce. This will allow merchants using osCommerce to offer Google Checkout as an alternate checkout method. The plugin provides Level 2 integration of Google Checkout with osCommerce. Plugin features include: 1. Posting shopping carts to Google Checkout 2. Shipping support with Merchant Calculated Shipping Rates! 3. Tax support 4. User and order updates within OSC 5. Order processing using OSC Admin UI 6. Order Totals Support For continued support, you may use either support area: http://groups.google.com/group/google-chec...osc-mod-support REQUIREMENTS ============ osCommerce v2.2RC1 PHP3 or PHP4 or PHP5 with cURL(libcurl) installed and enabled INSTALLATION NOTES ================== 1. Follow instructions contained in the INSTALLATION file. 2. Verify the installation from the Admin site and selecting MODULES->PAYMENTS and checking if Google Checkout is listed as a payment option. 3. Set the file attribute to 777 for /googlecheckout/logs/response_error.log and /googlecheckout/logs/response_message.log files. 4. Go to http://<url-site-url>/googlecheckout/responsehandler.php If you get a 'Invalid or not supported Message', go to the next section. If you get any errors, you must correct all errors before proceeding. Refer to the troubleshooting section below or go to the support forum for help. SETUP ON ADMIN UI ================= Select and install the Google Checkout payment module. The following are some of the fields you can update: Select and install the Google Checkout payment module. The following are some of the fields you can update: 0. Installed GC module version 1. Enable/Disable: Enable this to use Google Checkout for your site. 2. Operation Mode: Test your site with Google Checkout's sandbox server before migrating to production. You will need it signup for a separate Google Checkout sandbox account at http://sandbox.google.com/checkout/sell. Your sandbox account will have a different Merchant ID and Merchant Key. When you are ready to run against the production server, remember to update your merchant ID and key when migrating. 3. Merchant ID and Merchant Key:(Mandatory) If any of these are not set and the module is enabled, a disabled (gray) Checkout button appears on the Checkout page. Set these values from your seller Google account under the Settings->Integration tab. Separate Sandbox and Production. 4. .htaccess Basic Authentication Mode with PHP over CGI? If your site is installed on a PHP CGI you must disable Basic Authentication over PHP. To avoid spoofed messages (only if this feature is enabled) reaching responsehandler.php, set the .htaccess file with the script linked (http://your-site/admin/htaccess.php). Set permission 777 for http://your-site/googlecheckout/ before running the script. Remember to turn back permissions after creating the files. 5. Merchant Calculation Mode of Operation: Sets Merchant calculation URL for Sandbox environment. Could be HTTP or HTTPS. (Checkout production environment always requires HTTPS.) 6. Disable Google Checkout for Virtual Goods?: This configuration is enabled and there is any virtual good in the cart the Google Checkout button will be shown disabled. (double check http://checkout.google.com/seller/policies.html#4) 7. Allow US PO BOX shipping. Setted to false, you won't ship to any PO address in the US. 8. Default Values for Real Time Shipping Rates: Set your default values for all merchant calculated shipping rates. This values will be used if for any reason Google Checkout cannot reach your API callback to calculate the shipping price. 9. GoogleCheckout Carrier Calculated Shipping. Set if you want or not to use CCS. Note that if you enable CCS, all Merchant Calculation Modules will be IGNORED for GC orders. Only Flat Rate shippings will be included with CCS. 10. Carrier Calculater Shipping Configuration. Set Default Values, Fix and Variable charge for each specific CCS method. The DV contains the default shipping cost for a carrier-calculated-shipping option. If Google is unable to obtain the carrier's shipping rate for a shipping option, the buyer will still have the option of selecting that shipping option and paying the DV value to have the order shipped. http://code.google.com/apis/checkout/devel....html#tag_price The Fix value allows you to specify a fixed charge that will be added to the total cost of an order. http://code.google.com/apis/checkout/devel...al-fixed-charge The Variable Charge pecifies a percentage amount by which a carrier-calculated shipping rate will be adjusted. The tag's value may be positive or negative. http://code.google.com/apis/checkout/devel...-charge-percent Set Def. Value to 0 to disable the method 11. Rounding Policy Mode and Rounding Policy Rule: Determines how Google Checkout will do rounding in prices. US default: rounding rule TOTAL, rounding mode is HALF_EVEN UK default: rounding rule PER_LINE, rounding mode is HALF_UP More info: http://code.google.com/apis/checkout/devel...ing_Policy.html 12. Cart Expiration Time: if different from NONE, this postive integrer will set an expiration time from the creation of the GC button to X minutes. Where X is the value set. This will prevent buyers to use carts that may be deprecated or with wrong settings. Default is NONE. Take in care that the time in your server may not be syncronized with GC servers, so if you set short expiration times this may not be so accurate. 13. Also send Notification with OSC, if enabled, will send an email using the OSC internal email system if the comment in an order is larger than 254 chars, limit for a google send message. If this happens a warning will be shown in the Admin UI. It will also send emails to the merchant account when orders states are changed in the Admin UI. 14. Google Analytics Id: Add google analytics to your e-commerce. Now there is a feature in GA to integrate easily with any e-commerce with GoogleCheckout. More info: See below "Enabling E-Commerce Reporting for Google Analytics". 15. 3rd Party Tracking: Do you want to integrate the module 3rd party tracking? Add the tracker URL, NONE to disable. More info: http://code.google.com/apis/checkout/devel...l_tracking.html 16. Google Checkout restricted product categories: Insert here the Ids of all the product categories that you want to exclude from the Google Checkout. Separate them using commas (ie. "1, 3,56 , 32"). Double check Google Policy: http://checkout.google.com/support/sell/bi...&topic=8681 http://checkout.google.com/seller/policies.html#4 17. Continue shopping URL: The URL customers will be redirected to if they follow the link back to your site after checkout. (http://your-site/osc_dir/<input data>) Note:Use GC_return.php for special page that will show all the purchased items with Google Checkout Your Google Checkout setup page is correct if, upon viewing it, a non-disabled Google Checkout button appears. Double check the INSTALLATION file for more info Your Google Checkout setup page is correct if, upon viewing it, a non-disabled Google Checkout button appears. Double check the INSTALLATION file for more info Enabling E-Commerce Reporting for Google Analytics ================================================== To track Google Checkout orders, you must enable e-commerce reporting for your website in your Google Analytics account. The following steps explain how you enable e-commerce reporting for your website: 1. Log in to your Google Analytics account. 2. Click the Edit link next to the profile you want to enable. This link appears in the Settings column. 3. On the Profile Settings page, click the Edit link in the Main Website Profile Information box. 4. Change the selected E-Commerce Website radio button from No to Yes. More info: http://code.google.com/apis/checkout/devel...ntegration.html Note for 3rd party tracking: Actual configuration supports just one 3rd party tracking Co. And some modification maybe needed to do in the code for specific trakers. Read: http://code.google.com/apis/checkout/devel...l_tracking.html And change the code here: googlecheckout/gcheckout.php Maping works this way: $tracking_attr_types = array( 'GC_attr_type1' => '3rd_attr_name1', 'GC_attr_type2' => '3rd_attr_name2', ... ); Will be traduced to: <parameters> <url-parameter name="3rd_attr_name1" type="GC_attr_type1"/> <url-parameter name="3rd_attr_name2" type="GC_attr_type2"/> ... </parameters> DIGITAL DELIVERY ================ All products marked as maked as "Product is Virtual" will be included in the digital delivery API. This means that at the end of the GC transaction a link to the OSC checkout_success.php page will be shown as well as a description of the product. If the whole cart is virtual, no shipping to: will be shown in the GC Place Order Page. Note: If the cart is virtual but has some custom order_totals (low_orderFee, group_discount, etc), a notice saying an "Email will sent" will be show for each order total in the GC confirmation page. This is a limitation of GC API for supporting custom OT and digital delivery. MERCHANT CALCULATED SHIPPING ============================ In order to use this module you must have some Real Time Shipping provider, such as USPS or FedEx. This Module must be activated and configured in Modules->Shipping. For each enabled module you'll have to set the default values in the Google Checkout Admin UI. This Value will be used if for any reason Google Checkout cannot reach your API callback to calculate the shipping price. The available shipping methods for each shipping provider must be configured in includes/modules/payment/googlecheckout.php in the mc_shipping_methods parameter. If you want to disable one or more methods, just comment them out. Be aware that if you mix flat rate and real time rates, both will be taken as merchant-calculated-shipping. Script to create new shipping methods http://your-site/osccart_dir/googlecheckou...pping_generator More Info: http://your-site/osccart_dir/googlecheckou...enerator/README CARRIER CALCULATED SHIPPING =========================== This feature allows merchants to get real time quotes without any effort. All calculation are done by the GC servers. You only need to specify the shipping methods you want to provide. Google supports the carrier-calculated shipping feature for three carriers: FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) You cannot offer carrier-calculated shipping methods and merchant-calculated shipping methods for the same order. However, you can offer carrier-calculated shipping methods and still use the Merchant Calculations API to calculate taxes and adjustments for coupons and gift certificates. Note: Only US Domestic shipping address are allowed right now. If shipping address is Int'l only Flat Rate shippings will be shown. More info: http://code.google.com/apis/checkout/devel...ng.html#Process TRACKING USERS AND ORDERS ========================= In order to provide this support (as required for Level 2 integration), update the API callback request field in the seller account to https://<url-site-url>/googlecheckout/responsehandler.php . Note that the production Checkout server requires an SSL callback site. The Sandbox server accepts non SSL callback URLs. View your Google Checkout customers and their orders in the Reports tab. For each order, the default starting state is Google New. GC Orders States in OSC Admin (the instructions below assume you have enabled "Automatically authorize and charge the buyer's credit card" in your GC merchant account Settings > Preferences). 1. When an order for a regular (non-download) product is submitted through GC the order state in OSC admin will be auto set to "Google_Processing". When following-up on (shipping) these orders you will need to change the order status to "Google_Shipped". 2. When an order for a download product is submitted via GC, the order status in OSC admin will be auto set to "Google_Shipped" (even if customer has attempted to download or not). When following-up on download orders keep the status "Google_Shipped", no need to change the state. 3.. Refunding/canceling "total" GC orders works from within OSC admin. a. If you have not yet changed a non-download order from "Google_Processing" to "Google_Shipped" you can directly cancel/refund the TOTAL order by selecting "Google_Canceled" (but do NOT set to "Google_Refunded"). Changing the state to "Google_Cancelled" will auto refund 100% of transaction AND cancel the order at the same time. So there is no need to login to GC Merchant account to process the TOTAL refund. b. Also after an item is shipped you can refund the TOTAL amount of order by choosing "Google_Canceled" (but as stated above do NOT set to "Google_Refunded"). c. However if you want to only refund a PORTION of the order amount (for example if customer ordered two items and want to refund amount for only one item) then you will need to log in to your GC Merchant amount and process the partial refund. (Then Google will automatically change the order status in OSC admin to "Google_Refunded" or "Google_Shipped and Refunded", and you won't have to change the state in OSC admin. d. Understanding the above then you should not ever need to apply "Google_Refunded" or "Google_Shipped and Refunded". These states are usually reserved for Google use only. You can add a Tracking Number in the state change from GoogleProcessing to GoogleShipped A text field and a combo with the shipping providers will be show when the order is in the GoogleProcessing state. Any comments added during state change will be sent to the buyer account page if you have selected the Append Comments option. All statechanges are added as notes in the Admin UI All request and response messages will be logged to the file googlecheckout/logs/response_message.log. Refunds are added as new order totals in each order as well as part of the history of the order. The same for cancellations Check states.jpg for the states machine diagram. PROJECT HOME ============ To check out the latest release or to report issues, go to http://code.google.com/p/google-checkout-oscommerce GROUP DISCUSSIONS ================= To meet other developers and merchants who have integrated Google Checkout with osCommerce and to discuss any topics related to integration of Google Checkout with osCommerce, go to http://groups.google.com/group/google-chec...osc-mod-support ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOST COMMON MISTAKES ==================== 1. Make sure you set the file attribute to 777 for /googlecheckout/logs/response_error.log and /googlecheckout/logs/response_message.log files. 2. Set your Google callback url to https://<url-site-url>/googlecheckout/responsehandler.php In Sandbox, HTTPS is not required. In Production mode, HTTPS is required. Set the correct option in the Google Checkout Admin UI Links for supported SSL certificates: http://www.google.com/checkout/ssl-certificates http://checkout.google.com/support/sell/bi...py?answer=57856 3. Make sure you are using the correct combination of Merchant ID and Merchant Key. Remember that Sandbox and Production Mode have different ones. TROUBLE SHOOTING ================ 1. Problem: /public_html/googlecheckout/logs/response_message.log) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied. Solution: Set the file attribute to 777 for /googlecheckout/logs/response_error.log and /googlecheckout/logs/response_message.log files. 2. Problem: Test order shows up in Google but not admin. Solution: There is an error somewhere in the file /googlecheckout/responsehandler.php or you have set a wrong API callback function in your seller Google account under the Settings->Integration tab. 3. Problem: <error-message>Malformed URL component: expected id: (\d{10})|(\d{15}), but got 8***********4 </error-message> Solution: You have an extra space after your Google merchant id. Go to Admin->payment. Edit Googlecheckout module. Extra space will disappear. Click update button. 4. Problem: <error-message>No seller found with id 7************8</error-message> Solution: Wrong merchant id. Sandbox merchant id can only be use with sandbox accounts. Sandbox and Live mode use different merchant id. 5. Problem: sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: PKIX path building failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderE xception: unable to find valid certification path to requested target Solution: Your SSL certificate is not accepted by Google Checkout. Links for supported SSL certificates: http://www.google.com/checkout/ssl-certificates http://checkout.google.com/support/sell/bi...py?answer=57856 6. Problem: <error-message>Bad Signature on Cart</error-message> Solution: Incorrect Merchant key. 7. Problem: (/public_html/googlecheckout/logs/response_error.log) Tue Nov 28 8:56:21 PST 2006:- Shopping cart not obtained from session. Solution: Set to False admin->configuration->session->Prevent Spider Sessions configuration (Thx dawnmariegifts, beta tester) Side effects: You'll see spiders as active users. Solution 2 (Recommended): Remove any string like 'jakarta' in the includes/spider.txt 8. Problem: Warning: main(admin/includes/configure.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /public_html/googlecheckout/gcheckout.php on line 34 Fatal error: main() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'admin/includes/configure.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /public_html/googlecheckout/gcheckout.php on line 33 Solution: Change googlecheckout/gcheckout.php Line 34 'admin' for the modified admin directory require_once('admin/includes/configure.php'); 10. IIS Note:: For HTTP Authentication to work with IIS, the PHP directive cgi.rfc2616_headers must be set to 0 (the default value). Will use the $_SERVER['HTTP_AUTHORIZATION'] header 11. No shipping is shown in the Cart. Have you checked that this constant have the correct value set in the includes/configure.php? DIR_FS_CATALOG and DIR_WS_MODULES Try adding an echo in googlecheckout/gcheckout.php echo $module_directory = DIR_FS_CATALOG . DIR_WS_MODULES . 'shipping/'; and in the shopping_cart.php page see if the string u see is the correct dir where the shipping file are. KNOWN BUGS - ========== (Report bugs at http://groups.google.com/group/google-chec...sc-mod-support) CHANGE LOG ========= See CHANGELOG file.
  4. West One Hosting

    Doesnt show in payment method?

    install this one and only this one: GCOv145 Newest Version GCO cylynxinc 19 Nov 2007 from http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4556
  5. West One Hosting

    Doesnt show in payment method?

    Here is a client flow experience : Add to cart Proceed to checkout See Google Checkout button (google checkout is a equivalent to an express checkout) On this page if you only want to offer google checkout then you can remove the proceed to checkout button, but if you are offering alternative i.e. Paypal and Paypal express checkout leave it in. If choosing Google checkout, the client then goes direct to google fills out their account details and pays Google then sends a api call to your OScommerce admin and here's the clever stuff, google creates your clients accounts for you in your admin, using the details they have gathered at the point of payment and up date the order status automatically for you. If it is a standard product, Google will put the order status in your admin for you to update the status to shipped once your have shipped it. If it is a downloadable product (using the standard built-in download facility) then google will automatically update your order status to shipped, hence your customer can then download the product and you take no further action within your admin. That is the order process completed. Your client now can view and track their order in two places, 1) on your shop by logging in, which provided you have selected that OS commerce is to send out emails as well, the client will have access to their account on your site, 2) they will always have access to track the order at google checkout under their account. With the standard product when you update the status to shipping, it will automatically update both accounts automatically.
  6. West One Hosting

    Doesnt show in payment method?

    1) Q, Every contribution always encounters problems, people should not be able to submit any contributions unless they 100% work! A, that would not work as every server on the net is set up differently or could you get them set up the same? also people should be able to read a readme file? they do if you code them right as if you code them wrong it will not work and every osC site has been coded with diff mod so there is not just one code fits all? 2) Q, How do i include google checkout as a payment option and move all the google checkout logos on my site - i want people to log in to their account before clicking on the GC logo!!?? A, for this you would need the level 1 installation see above as you can not do it with a level 2 installation as it would then be a level 1 installation. ok
  7. West One Hosting

    Doesnt show in payment method?

    HI WHAT PART OF THE ABOVE CAN YOU NOT READ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! level 1 IS against the Google Checkout Terms and conditions and you account can be suspended without any notice. SO IF YOU WANT TO OFFER GOOGLE CHECKOUT YOU CAN ONLY USE LEVEL 2 INSTALLATION TO KEEP YOUR ACCOUNT WORKING
  8. West One Hosting

    Store Manager

    not worth the $$ just pay yourself $149.00 (this is about $0.05 to $0.10 a day) and do 5 to 10 clicks on the mouse
  9. what part of a post can you not read? do not post then not reply to it then repost?????????????????????????? http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...=318343&hl= so now reply to this???????? or do not repost
  10. West One Hosting

    Complete idiot here

    could you not just put "Authorize.net" in to W/B and read the website of Authorize.net? as could this be why you are not getting a reply?????????????????????????????????
  11. West One Hosting

    Product Attributes Sort Order v1.6

    if you are good with database's then pull what you need down and do mass edit in excel then re upload but ony do this if you now a lot about mysql?
  12. West One Hosting

    Recommended paypal module?

    PayPal Website Payments Standard
  13. West One Hosting

    Doesnt show in payment method?

    not the impossible but not liked by GC as it looks like you are using level 2 install you could look at level 1 install: BUT READ FIRST: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5157
  14. West One Hosting

    help! I can't log in to my admin after adding STS

    what are the lines of code ref to in the error?