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  1. I downloaded and installed the AuthorizeAIM contribution. I have a problem, and have spent two days trying to troubleshoot this on my own. The problem I have is, when I 'continue' from checkout_shipping.php onto checkout_payment.php, that is after entering credit card information... the *first* time the checkout_payment.php page is displayed, I get a credit card error, "the first four digits of your..." well, if I go ahead and hit 'continue' to proceed, the checkout_payment.php file is displayed again, and the error goes away, and the credit card information comes through, and if I hit 'continue' again, it does process the credit card properly, taking me to my checkout_success.php page. And, the payment does go through Auth.net, as well. The problem is the *first* time the checkout_payment.php page is hit, the credit card error comes up. Also, if I use a known bad CC#, the cc_validation.php seems to be working, because it will not go beyond the checkout_payment.php page, telling the user their CC is not valid. So, do you have any idea what might be wrong? I'm suspecting it's either in the authorize_aim.php or the checkout_payment.php. I *thought* I edited my checkout_process.php correctly... might the problem be there? ~jp
  2. Just a note; I, too, am using the FEC, and got this contribution to work perfectly with FEC, with NO alterations to any of that code. ~jp
  3. Hi, Does anybody know of any addon's that might add a 'online registration' to my OSC store? I have a client who, on occasion, offers seminars or classes, and they want their visitors to be able to register online, using their credit cards. I have searched and searched through the contributions, and haven't found anything like this, so far. I'm under a time crunch, so want to be able to use an add on, if I can, instead of developing it from scratch. Thanks a lot, in advance. ~jp
  4. Thank you, usisu, for your MOST EXCELLENT information you posted on this topic! (dated 9-9-08) Out of the 45+ pages of information, yours was the one I needed to help me out. I was beginning to go bald, pulling my hair out, trying to make the A.net AIM work with my OSC shopping cart. Kudos to usisu !!
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    CoolMenu ~ GREAT contribution! I've got one little problem... my boxes (category box) isn't sizing itself correctly. It's the same size as it was before I install the CoolMenu. Any suggestions? ~jp