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  1. I've updated the payment module for the CVV and now it returns the user to the payment page, with no error messages but the address bar reads: ...checkout_payment.php?error_message=There+has+been+an+error+processing+your+credit+card.+Please+try+ag ain. Thanks, Mike
  2. NOTE: When using linkpoint the url of the payment page reads: When using the url of the Sign in page reads: Hope this helps Thanks, Mike
  3. Help, Please. I have a client ( with an osCommerce Shopping Cart, We have tried several Payment processors including Linkpoint Central & Currently under whenever a customer clicks on the 'Confirm Order' button, the order seems to process correctly, but the customer is returned to the Login Page. When using Linkpoint, when a customer clicks the 'Confirm Order' button the order seems to process correctly but the customer is returned to the Payment Page. No notification as to why these jumps occur. The shopping cart is not emptied either. I believe this is a problem not with the payment modules themselves but the osCommerce installation. We used a template from I'm not a newbie, but I'm not well versed in osCommerce. The problem needs to be resolved ASAP. Any information you could provide would be GREATLY appreciated, Even where to start looking for the problem would be helpful! Thank you much, Mike
  4. First off I would like to say I'm new to osCommerce. I believe i've succesfully installed he Discoutn Coupon Codes Contribution, but the pennsylvania Sales Tax is being shown incorrectly based on the Shipping price. The Total, on the other hand, is calculated correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Mike