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  1. Indeed, the Dutch are the problem..... glad I live in Belgium :) Tx for the info! It worked! You've solved my 4 day quest for a solution, in 4 minutes... that says something about me and you :rolleyes: Tx tx tx! Cheers Tom
  2. I've looked in the Product Listing but I can't find the new settings. Not if i put admin in english or in dutch. Under product listing I find only this: Or am i looking completely wrong? Cheers Tom
  3. Hi I've installed the version 1.8 and I can see the changes in my product listings (looks great already!!). I've also got the "installation succeeded" message in my admin screen. But If I login in the admin section, i can't find admin/configuration/product listing. I've also installed total configuration, and here also is the product listing isn't listed. --> So I can't change any of the settings of the product listig. Tried to rerun the install file a couple of times, but no joy. (Every time I rerun, he aborts the installation because i'ts already installesd). Could you help me out? Tx Tom