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  1. Hi, I'm searching for tha same tool, but didn't find it yet. So when listing products i need to have options to filter products by DDRAM, Socket etc. Or lets say if you are seing monitors, then you could choose to view only the 19'' ones listed. I know there it is a solution for that. I saw great contribs on this site, and I think they are more complicated than thisone we are searching for. Hope it will appear. Shame on me I'm not a coder. :(
  2. addme

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    Yes, I got it! It is right as you've said Kilaz. That solved my problem. Thanx a lot, Sire!!!!!! :)
  3. Yes, Sorry I did't read the configuration section of the manual. Now it works very well. Changed in the EP configuration file: from 25 to 50.
  4. Hi everyone, I've installed EP and it works fine, but get an erorr: 34WinFast PX7300 GT TDH Extreme 128... ERROR! - Too many characters in the model number. 12 is the maximum on a standard OSC install. Your maximum product_model length is set to 25 You can either shorten your model numbers or increase the size of the field in the database. I have to inform you that I've checked in the DB and saw that the product_model length is set to 50. I don't know what should I do to solve this.
  5. addme

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    Hi, I've installed the contibution and everything works ok except the "<" sign that appears on my index page. Here is the link to see it: www.orbitalcomputers.ro/catalog Viewing the source cod in IE looks like tis: < <title>Calculatoare - Orbital Computers</title> <META NAME="Description" Content="Calculatoare from Orbital Computers"> How could I fix it to change this to the correct code? It should be <title>Calculatoare - Orbital Computers</title> <META NAME="Description" Content="Calculatoare from Orbital Computers"> Thanks for your help in advance
  6. Solved the problem: There is a "}" in the code that i've commented and now it works. here is my correction: FIND THE LINES: $cart->reset(); //// BOF phpBB2 Integration v1.2 } if ( isset( $HTTP_GET_VARS[ 'redirect' ] )) //// <---logoff from phpBB, so send user back to phpbb { REPLACE WITH: $cart->reset(); //// BOF phpBB2 Integration v1.2 if ( isset( $HTTP_GET_VARS[ 'redirect' ] )) //// <---logoff from phpBB, so send user back to phpbb {
  7. Hi Alex, I've made an update from v1.2 to v1.3 and now i got errors: If i choose LogOut from phpbb then it redirects me to http://orbitalcomputers.ro/catalog/logoff....d3505807a819b5b Something seems to not work in logoff.php
  8. Glad to see that you got it work too Kev. :) So it seems we get Hacking Attempt if STORE SESSIONS is leaved empty. To solve the "Hacking attempt" issue, check includes/configure.php for this line. Setting STORE SESSIONS to 'mysql' makes this contribution work. define('STORE_SESSIONS', 'mysql'); // leave empty '' for default handler or set to 'mysql'.
  9. Hi Alex, I resolved my problems with integration. IMPORTANT READ THIS: Reinstalled Oscommerce, and at the 2nd screen I've checked option for SESSIONS TO BE SAVED IN DataBase. now it works. With this option checked this Integration works perfectly. Great contrib!!!!! Thx Alex for yout support. :)
  10. HERE IS MY SERVER INFO Server Host: ns.20.ro ( Database Host: localhost ( Server OS: Linux 2.6.10-2.3.legacy_FC2 Database: MySQL 4.1.19-standard Server Date: 02/03/2007 14:51:14 Datebase Date: 02/03/2007 14:51:14 Server Up Time: 15:51:14 up 41 days, 1:31, 0 users, load average: 0.04, 0.04, 0.05 HTTP Server: Apache PHP Version: 4.3.11 (Zend: 1.3.0)
  11. No Alex, I am hosted at a company. The site is not installed on Wondows Sistem.
  12. Yes, it is the same DataBase used. Could it be a must have a setting on the Apache Server that in this moment it is possible not being enabled?
  13. I did step 2.1 SWL Script. It looks like that: create table trans_phpbb ( osCsid char(32) default '' not null, sess_uid int(11) default 0 not null, sess_uip char(8) default '' not null, sess_logged int(1) default 0 not null, sess_trans char(32) default '' not null, primary key (sess_uid)) So here is a capture screen to see my table looks like: http://www.orbitalcomputers.ro/Picture2.jpg I do not know how to do. Please help.
  14. Thx Alex, I observed that if i change trid to sid in the URL showing Hacking Attempt, the forum shows on. I'll check to see if it is ok wth trans_phpbb table, following ur hints. I wonder if it is good to change trid to sid in the script... What do you say about that?
  15. Sorry I was wrong the link is www.orbitalcomputers.ro/catalog