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  1. I found the issue to actually be in my admin/includes/configure.php file, I had it incorrect; though all other admin functions worked, I got the redirect you mention, but read this post and fixed it by doing a default oscommerce install and mirroring the automated configure.php file. Also, see this post Cheers,
  2. Hello Jack, Thank you for your response. I hope I can resolve whether the issue is just me or not. Yes, you're right that I haven't shown the actual user name in this forum, but it is correct in the actual file. My exclude list entries are writing to the sitemonintor_configure.php file but not to my sitemonitor_hacker_excludes.txt. Mistakenly I assumed the text file must be written to during cron's sitemonitor_hacker_cron.php execution, only because I didn't know otherwise and the date stamp never seemed to change so excuse my ignorance on how sitemonitor_hacker_excludes.txt works. I'm not concerned much with how it works unless its not working due to something I've missed. Though, at a desperate hour I did try writing to it manually to try to get sitemonitor_hacker_cron.php to exclude certain directories from its search, to no avail. So that's my challenge, to have certain directories and files not shown in the email report from sitemonitor_hacker_cron.php. Of course perhaps other people have this aspect working and its just me and I don't realise it. Anyway, I've got site monitor installed on three different oscommerce websites and have the same difficulty on each site. P.s. You've done a great job on this contribution.
  3. Hi all, I've installed v2.7. Everything works but one thing. I can't get the exclude list to exclude directories or files. I have searched this forum to no avail. sitemonitor_configure.php is writing correctly and looks like the following: <?php /************** THE OPTIONS AND SETTINGS ****************/ $always_email = 0; //set to 1 to always email the results $verbose = 1; //set to 1 to see the results displayed on the page (for when running manually) $logfile = 1; //set to 1 to see to track results in a log file $logfile_size = 100000; //set the maximum size of the logfile $reference_reset = 3; //delete the reference file this many days apart $quarantine = 0; //set to 1 to move new files found to the quarantine directory $to = ''; //where email is sent to $from = 'From:'; //where email is sent from $start_dir = '/home/user/public_html/'; //your shops root $admin_dir = '/home/user/public_html/admin/'; //your shops admin $admin_username = ''; //your admin username $admin_password = ''; //your admin password $excludeList = array('admin/quarantine', 'admin/quarantine', 'cgi-bin', 'admin/ckeditor', 'includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/includes', 'images/banners', 'mail/2010-10-29'); //don't check these directories - change to your liking - must be set prior to first run $hackIgnoreList = array('jpg', 'jpeg','gif','png','txt','zip'); //don't check these types of files - change to your liking $hackCodeSegments = array('error_reporting(0)', 'base64_decode','<frame','gzdecode','eval','ob_start("security_update")', 'Goog1e_analist_up', 'eval(gzinflate(base64_decode', 'Web Shell', '@eval', ' header;', 'shell_exec', 'system','SetCookie'); //enter any hacker code that you would like to check for ?> Incidentally sitemonitor_hacker_excludes.txt is not being written to during execution. I have been through the instructions with a fine tooth comb. If any others on the forum have overcome this issue, kindly reply. Peace to all... ... p.s. Jack, "Line" in sitemonitor_hacker_cron.php results shows one number less than actual (i.e. "Line 99" should be "Line 100") and file missing ?> at end
  4. On second thoughts I might have been right. Please see 18 Aug 2009 post in contribution directory at
  5. Ignore above post.
  6. version as of 14 Aug 2009 in installation.txt file: admin/includes/modules/newsletters/newsletters.php operation: 3rd Replace The new code uses the query: $mail_query = tep_db_query("select customers_firstname, customers_lastname, customers_email_address from " . TABLE_CUSTOMERS . " where customers_newsletter = '1'"); but shouldn't the query be more like this: $mail_query = tep_db_query("select subscribers_firstname as customers_firstname, subscribers_lastname as customers_lastname, subscribers_email_address as customers_email_address from " . TABLE_SUBSCRIBERS . " where customers_newsletter = '1'"); This edit is working on my store so I am happy. Thanks to all for the contribution, but I really have spent my allotted "2-4" hours on an otherwise 1 hour job. I'm not uploading the above code but if the next developer on the trail could check this out that would be fantastic for future users. Jules_Text (no reply)