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  1. Hi Jetta! Thank you so much for your reply and what I hope is a fix to this issue! Again, I am running an older version osc 2.2-MS2 with just the regular USPS shipping module that came along with my site when I bought it. I do not have USPS Methods installed, nor do I have experience with installing contributions. So with all that said and since you're clearly more knowledgeable than myself, will your contribution work with my site? Please advise. Brightest Blessings, Azure Moon
  2. Hi everyone! I am still looking for a solution to this issue. I know that we're not supposed to bump the topic, but I really need to get this figured out before the deadline of March 31, 2012 and am hoping and praying that one of the OsCommerce gurus can help/point me in the right direction. Brightest Blessings, Azure Moon
  3. I too am looking for a solution to this. I bought my site pre-built, so I know little about doing these types of upgrades, or migrating to this new USPS version. I am running an older version osc 2.2-MS2, so any and all help with this will be greatly appreciated. Brightest Blessings, Azure Moon