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    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hello, I've installed Order Editor (5_0_6_6) and now my 'orders' list is blank. Nothing shows at all except the heading 'Orders'. Any suggestions as to what might be happening - or how to pin down whats going on? Using OsCommerce ver 2.2. Thanks in advance. PS - I have run the installation numerous times (ie restored my admin to pre-order editor backup then re-installed several times).
  2. I got these errors too. I currently only have standard parcel delivery within Australia being used so it isnt a concern really to me at the moment. It will be early in the new year tho. I'm also having problems with the calculation of postage. Im getting a different value thru the auspost mod than is given using the actual Australia Post Postage Calculator. Is anyone else having this problem??
  3. Thanks Alex. It seems to me (from looking through the available anti-spam mods) that the use of image verification is 'the' way to head off these spam-bots? Just out of interest, would you, or anyone, know if there are other mods that prevent this misuse that is different to image verification? If there are any other methods, has anyone used one alongside Alex's mod. I intend to go ahead with this mod (thx BTW :)) but am just interested in other methods to control these ^&*(^*&^%*((*%(*^%&())(*& ARRRFGGHH!!!!!! Man, they make me madder than BANKS!!!
  4. Hello, Considering installing this mod to prevent the use of my contact-us form for spamming purposes. Im interested to know, does this mod 'secure' the contact-us form vulnerability by use of the image verification only, or is there also other steps in-place to thwart these spam-bots? Thanks in advance.