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    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    It works like a charm and was exactly what i needed!!!!! Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! :D
  2. Hi My eternal problem with session id's: i installed ultimate seo url's latest version ...everithing goes fine exept the session id's - they still remail there eaven after multiple clicks. I've done some research, but i couldn't find nothing. This problem makes me go insane for a week now... I still got product-name-c-number.html?osCsid=a7blablalbabla.... I don't have a ssl yet, so i can't force cookies....but i know oscommerce sites without ssl wich still have normal url's, without the session id's... Can i get some help please? Pretty please? :blush: My site is www.s1s.ro Ps: i managed to solve the problem with "the page isn't redirecting properly"...Enable automatic redirects: false :D
  3. Hello, it's me again. I've discovered that the sid's remaining in my url are not the first thing i should worry - maby i can sort this out with a sid killer. The biggest problem is this: I add something in the shopping cart, it displays my shopping cart and then if i click on continue shopping it gives me a "The page isn't redirecting properly" page. This is happening because of the Ultimate seo url's, because if i disable it from the administration panel the "continue shopping" button works. I have installed and uninstalled this contribution at least 4 times, each time with different versions. What am I doing wrong? :angry:
  4. Hello! Great contrib! Very much help! But i have a small problem with it! I have the latest Ultimate SEO url's installed on my site www.s1s.ro and the links appear strange: http://www.s1s.ro/accesorii-c-6-html?osCsi...1682eb06ff9ebc0 ...what is that? I've read tons of post on this contribution's support and i can't find anything! Please help! Many many thanks in advance :(
  5. gabitzaG

    Automatic thumbnails problem

    Problem solved!! :D Incredible easy solution (stupid me) - Thanks anyway! For those of you experiencing the same problem, check your chmods on image folder. Mine was protected from writing so it couldn't create the thumbnails
  6. First i want to say this is a fantastic forum! You have no ideea how much your comunity helped me! :D keep it up guys! And now, the ugly part, my problem: I have installed automatic thumbnail contribution found at this link: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1484 . On my testing machine it works fine, but now i've uploaded my oscommerce store and thumbnails are not being created. The GD version is the same on my computer as it is on the server (GD Version: bundled - 2.0.28 compatible). The php version is the same. I don't know what else to try! Can you help me at least by pointing out where should i look? Anything that could give me a start. I have a small hunch that it might be something with the configuration file but everything i've tried failed.