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  1. I fixed it -- it seems i never put the correct modules in their place. Without a link_listing file you really cant display much ;-).
  2. Turned STS off and still have issues. Categories are there, link count is correct. Just no links are displayed.
  3. Just installed Links Manager (running STS Template as well) and I have an issue. The links page displays the categories and the appropriate link count within the category, but when you click on the category, nothing is displayed. *BUT* if I set the link to be a featured link -- then they display as featured links. Any suggestions?
  4. All, I am still looking for an easy way to do a "free ship" coupon, I know there is a contrib to do "free ship if over $x", but is there anyway to create a "free shipping" coupon code.
  5. First off, thanks for a great contrib. My only issue right now is "coupons.php" does not show up in my admin page. I can manually goto the page, but it does not show up in the menubox. The other thing I have: a suggestion, how would (or could it be done) one impliment a "Free S/H" coupon. So say, orders over 50$ get free s/h with code. Thanks.