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  1. It is when you use PayPal Standard payment, when a customer has chosen this kind of payment and arrives into "checkout_confirmation" page without going further... At this stage, pre-order is registred from admin (without removing the quantities of basket products from stock). 1. If the customer confirms his order, the order is created and the quantities are decreased too. The satus goes through "pending" (or something else you have chosen). 2. If the customer abandons his purchase by leaving the shop, the status remains "Preparing [PayPal Standard]"... for ever. 3. If the customer goes back to "shopping_cart" and modify his basket, the pre-order will be deleated automatically.
  2. milerwan

    Please Review my Website

    Issue with horizontal categories bar when 2 rows. For the first row, when drop down menu appears and you want to go down with mouse, the menu is too low and he disappears.
  3. milerwan

    Jssor Slider

    It's ok, I found where the creation of the unwanted comma is. In "includes/modules/content/index/templates/tpl_cm_i_jssor.php" (same for "/header/templates/tpl_cm_header_jssor.php"), find : function GetTransitions() { $picked = explode(';', MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_JSSOR_TANSITIONS); $xsisitons = array(); $xit = parse_ini_file(DIR_FS_CATALOG . '/ext/jssor/transitions.ini'); foreach ($xit as $key => $data) { if (in_array($key, $picked)) { $xsisitons[] = $data .','; } } return '[' . join(',', $xsisitons) . ']'; } and change like this : function GetTransitions() { $picked = explode(';', MODULE_CONTENT_INDEX_JSSOR_TANSITIONS); $xsisitons = array(); $xit = parse_ini_file(DIR_FS_CATALOG . '/ext/jssor/transitions.ini'); foreach ($xit as $key => $data) { if (in_array($key, $picked)) { // $xsisitons[] = $data .','; $xsisitons[] = $data; } } return '[' . join(',', $xsisitons) . ']'; } No more "default" transition parasite during the slider loop now.
  4. milerwan

    Jssor Slider

    Ok, the issue comes from double comma generated by script instead one : [ {$Duration:1000,y:1,$Easing:$Jease$.$InBounce,$Opacity:2} ,, <!-- comma too much --> {$Duration:1200,y:-1,$Cols:10,$Rows:5,$Clip:15,$During:{$Top:[0.5,0.5],$Clip:[0,0.5]},$Formation:$JssorSlideshowFormations$.$FormationStraight,$ChessMode:{$Column:12},$Opacity:2,$ScaleClip:0.5} , <!-- comma too much --> ] I will fix this later. Need to go now.
  5. milerwan

    Jssor Slider

    Sorry, the right sequence is : 1.bounce_down -> 0."default" -> 2.clip_and_chess_in -> 1.bounce_down -> 0."default" -> 2.clip_and_chess_in -> 1.bounce_down -> 0."default" -> and so on And for 3 transitions checked : 1 -> 0 -> 2 -> 0 -> 3 -> 1 -> 0 -> 2 -> 3 -> 1 -> and so on
  6. milerwan

    Jssor Slider

    I have noticed someting strange in the transitions loop (in the 3rd case) : 1. If you check no transition (in admin), "default" transition (slide right to left) loops at each slide -> OK 2. If you check just one transition, the chosen transition loops at each slide -> OK 3. If you check at least two transistions, the slide loop is interspersed with "default" transition at each new transition -> !?! For example, in fact it shows : 1.bounce_down -> 0."default" -> 2.clip_and_chess_in -> 0."default" -> 1.bounce_down -> 0."default" -> 2.clip_and_chess_in -> 0."default" -> and so on Is there a way to have the true sequence - 1 -> 2 -> 1 -> 2 - without the default transition between ? NB: This is the puzzle of this end of the year, enjoy !
  7. milerwan

    Jssor Slider

    Oh, it's just to add style in the HTML text window, when you create a banner from admin. No need to edit banner_manager.php file.
  8. milerwan

    Jssor Slider

    I have tested your solution to add HTML text (from "tpl_cm_header_jssor.php" or "tpl_cm_i_jssor.php") and result is nice but can't be updated in the form according of the images. Maybe css text (with position, color, font-size) deserve to be inserted in "banner_manager.php"... It is possible to modify like this, to get it. 1. In "templates/tpl_cm_header_jssor.php", change : // echo '<div class="banner-text">' . $txtArray[$i] . '</div>'; echo '<div>' . $txtArray[$i] . '</div>'; 2. From admin/banner_manager, add "style" into a <span></span> : <span style="position:absolute; bottom:50px; left:50px; color:black; font-size:40px;">Test</span> Better way it seems.
  9. milerwan

    Jssor Slider

    @Jack_mcs I have found the issue. It is just a wrong folders incrementing in the addon : NewFiles -> images -> jssor -> jssor -> a11.png / b05.png Instead of: NewFiles -> images -> jssor -> a11.png / b05.png PS: lol, at same time
  10. milerwan

    Jssor Slider

    Hi Jack, I use 2.3.4 BS Master (some modified Edge version I think) and I have pictures with slide effects (seems good) but I haven't any selection buttons (bottom and side)... Is it normal ?!? If not, where can the problem come from? Thank you for your lights and for this addon.
  11. milerwan

    Payment fee

    Have you found a solution since?
  12. It's not a question of store, it's just a question of browser (Chrome, IE, firefox, Opera, etc). All work with this trick normally.
  13. @Tsimi It's a shortcut known on Windows and it works in this case too. All rows are selected with it... Just test it.
  14. In my case, I add a drop-down menu for categories excluded from the discount. This allows you to select fewer categories if just some are excluded and the rest of categories/products is concerned. PS: In this example, discount coupons are displayed from the customer area and show which categories are excluded.
  15. I think "Ctrl + A" is better way to select all products in a window.