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  1. OK, this worked, but I noticed 2 things: 1- The entire website is suddenly running much slower. I verified the slower performance with another person at an entirely different location to make sure the cause of it was not my computer, my connection, etc. 2- How do I make it so that the customer can click on the image (in the Product Description page) or the text link for a popup window? This way, the site remains consistent in functionality.
  2. Hmmm, a new release. I wonder if it will fix the problems I have posted here and not gotten resolved. 1- I cannot make the "Click to Enlarge" feature work. Multiple posts in this thread, no solution as of yet... 2- I just checked to see if the rest of my website is at least functioning correctly. It was all functioning correctly before adding STS. But now, since I added a different login image on the home page to replace the one I had on my original site, it takes you to the wrong (original)login page. When you click on the new snazzy image, you are taken to the old login page. I have no clue how to tell it to get to the correct login page. Perhaps this broke an earlier contribution? Who knows, I certainly don't. As far as I am concerned, my website now looks great, but it is broken in multiple places. STS is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.
  3. OK, I used product_info.php.html to lay out my product pages. I got the Click to Enlarge text to show up, but it seems I am missing something, because when I click on the link, it just takes me back to the Home Page. I thought product_info.html.php was supposed to help you lay out your Product pages just by using html. But it seems some code is missing? Did the Click to Enlarge function work on previous versions of STS, and just got broken in 2.0, with the product_info.php.html feature? Any advice would be great, as I am pulling my hair out trying to fix this. You can see this in action here: My Webpage, and click on any product.
  4. How do I get "Click to Enlarge" to work? I see it working on other sites with STS, but I can't get it working on mine. When I click on "Click to Enlarge", it takes me back to my home page. How do I fix this?
  5. Can anyone please explain how the "Click to Enlarge" feature is supposed to work with STS? When I click on the link, it just takes me back to the home page. How do I make it show a larger image of the single product from the Product page? What files do I need to modify?
  6. I must be missing something... I added the above code to the header section of the sts_template.html file. Should I also add this to the product_info.php.html file as well? But I don't think that will give me the link I need for "Click to Enlarge" on the product page. Is a variable defined for this in the product_info.php.html? I can't find it.
  7. After I added the STS contribution, while viewing individual items, my link for "Click to Enlarge" is no longer there. Anyone know how I can display the link and make the link go to a larger picture when viewing a product? When I looked at the product_info.php.html file, I did not see a variable for "Click to Enlarge". Do I need to do something to install the link manually?
  8. Thank you!!! That's what I needed to know! :D
  9. Sounds great. But, I when I removed the variable and placed the html code in its place instead, it says $cataloglogo on the header area of the homepage. Here is exactlywhat I did: $template['<table border="0" width="102%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding= "0"> 204 <tr> 205 <td valign="top"><table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cell padding="0"> 206 <tr valign="top"> Can you please give me an exact way to do this with an example? If you can show me in the code itself instead of just telling me, I think I will have this problem solved. Thanks.
  10. You can skip the $cataloglogo and just insert the code itself into the sts_template file. Might be easier. When you say skip $cataloglogo, what exactly do you mean? I am not a php guru by any means, so I have no idea how to modify this part of the code to accomodate your suggestion. Do I remove the $cataloglogo variable? And if I remove it, do I just paste in the html code in its place? What about the rest of the line: 203 $template['cataloglogo'] = '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAUL T) . '">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'banner_logo_no_border.gif ', 'Karlin Enterprises') . '</a>'; Do I remove this or modify it somehow?
  11. I have a new header that I would like to use on my website. The header is a collection of jpgs and gifs within tables in an html format. Here is how my sts_display_output.php file looks now (it points $cataloglogo to a single file): // catalog: link to catalog's home page 203 $template['cataloglogo'] = '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAUL T) . '">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'banner_logo_no_border.gif ', 'Karlin Enterprises') . '</a>'; ******************************************************************** Here is a snippet of how I attempted to add in the html code (pointing $cataloglogo to html code): // catalog: link to catalog's home page 203 $template['cataloglogo'] = '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAUL T) . '">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . '<table border="0" width="102%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> 204 <tr> 205 <td valign="top"><table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cell padding="0"> 206 <tr valign="top"> 207 <td><img src="ke_head_logo_with_bag.jpg" width="244" height="1 28"></td> 208 <td width="100%"><table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0 "...etc., etc When the page is displayed in the browser, I get the red X. How do I get the $cataloglogo variable to take html code within the sts_display_output.php file instead of pointing to a single file?
  12. I just installed the STS, and love it! Very cool! But I have one annoying problem. On the Products page, I see the Notifications box in the right hand column. It does not appear on the Home page or any of the category pages, only on all of the product pages. I looked in the product_info.php.html file, and can see no reference to the Notifications box, but alas, there it is on all of the product pages. How do I get rid of the Notifications box within STS?
  13. Karlin

    AuthorizeNet Error

    OK, I had AuthorizeNet working beautifully for months, no issues whatsoever. Now I go through the entire purchasing process, and receive the following error on the "Payment Information" page: In red, across the top, it says: Please select a payment method for your order. Well, I did, and it keeps giving me this error, regardless of what I do. Anyone have any ideas where to look to see what is causing this error? Regards, Karlin
  14. Also, I have noticed that the shipping logic has suddenly changed. A test item that used to cost $3.95 to ship now costs $4.90. Can all of this change just by adding in those lines in the checkout_process.php file?
  15. I am receiving the following error message as well when I add in the following code to CATALOG/CHECKOUT_PROCESS.PHP: 'billing_country' => $order->billing['country']['title'], 'billing_address_format_id' => $order->billing['format_id'], 'payment_method' => $order->info['payment_method'], 'payment_info' => $GLOBALS['payment_info'], Error: 1054 - Unknown column 'comments' in 'field list' select customers_id, customers_name, customers_company, customers_street_address, customers_suburb, customers_city, customers_postcode, customers_state, customers_country, customers_telephone, customers_email_address, customers_address_format_id, delivery_name, delivery_company, delivery_street_address, delivery_suburb, delivery_city, delivery_postcode, delivery_state, delivery_country, delivery_address_format_id, billing_name, billing_company, billing_street_address, billing_suburb, billing_city, billing_postcode, billing_state, billing_country, billing_address_format_id, payment_method, cc_type, cc_owner, cc_number, cc_expires, comments, currency, currency_value, date_purchased, orders_status, last_modified from orders where orders_id = '7' [TEP STOP] This sounds similar to Trouble's problem 2 posts above. Any ideas how to fix this?