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  1. Aragon127

    custom computer configurator

    you don't have the database setup correctly. Make sure you've ran the .sql file in the contribution. Then make sure that you have declared the correct categories in german.php.
  2. Aragon127

    custom computer configurator

    Well, I am using version 3 and it works fine. Problem is there are a couple of fields I don't wanna use from my inventory. Namely, I have several cases that are sold without power supplies, some are sold with power supplies. So i've set it all up how I want, but I'd like to use JUST the motherboards from the store. I've copied some of the code from v5 and tried to make it work optionally with the database, or manual selects, but it doesn't seem to be compatible as the motherboard shows up empy no matter what anyone selects....
  3. Has anybody managed to hack the custom computer configurator to use store producsts for some fields and manual selects for others? I've been trying all morning and can't get it to work right....
  4. Has anyone configured the admin/categories.php to correctly handle both these contributions? I've got the rest to play nice together but I'm still getting errors in categories.php
  5. Aragon127

    login page cleanup

    I installed this mod. It works fine, looks fine, but the only problem is the password_forgotten doesn't work. It sends the email out with no new password. Any idea how to fix this? I tried changing the references from the the modded password_forgotten to the stock password_forgotten.php and it works then but the alignment gets all screwed up. Thanks.
  6. Aragon127

    Product code (SKU) contribution

    I don't think this works with the 2.2 version. I was just trying to add it to my site, but the references the includes/languages/english.default.php aren't there. It appears made for the older version of OSCommerce.