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  1. in admin/gv_mail.php -- line 45 - 46 $message .= TEXT_TO_REDEEM; $message .= TEXT_WHICH_IS . $id1 . TEXT_IN_CASE . "nn"; change to $message .= TEXT_TO_REDEEM . " "; $message .= TEXT_WHICH_IS . " " . $id1 . TEXT_IN_CASE . "nn"; Hope this helps, and I'm not doubling up on anyone.
  2. datavision

    Custom PC Creator - Error

    Thanks a lot. all fixed.
  3. We have attempted to add the custom pc creator contribution (which is brilliant, btw!), and have run into an error. When you click on the link in the admin section, you get the following error; Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_array_merge() in httpdocs/oscommerce/catalog/admin/ccc.php on line 75 Does anyone have an idea why this is. I can't find the function in the admin/includes/functions/database.php file, is it meant to be there, or do I need to add it? I've been through the posts on this contribution, and can't find anything on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.