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  1. awarner20

    RSS Feed contribution support thread

    Hi Greg, Can you verify the file that this code is found in? Is it catalog/rss.php? Also, is this necessary if I am not using the Ultimate SEO contrib? I'm using SEO-G. Thanks for any clarification you may be able to provide.
  2. I see it's been awhile since anyone has been on this thread, but maybe someone can offer me a solution. I've installed this successfully and it's working great except that the "Shop by Price" infobox has the title "Manufacturers" instead of "Shop by Price". I've tried to change the title to no avail. I do have many contribs installed too. Could something be interferring? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Here's the site http://derbydogma.com
  3. awarner20

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    Mark, I just installed your awesome contrib! Thank you so much for such a great contrib and also for such detailed and informative instructions. Simply awesome! After installing I just have a couple questions regarding the XML Sitemap part of this. so I understand that the urls are created progressivly so I checked the xml file and see that the only urls in it are of urls that have been visited. I use another sitemap contrib, so I'm wondering... 1. When I run my other sitemap generator, should it pick up the new (html) urls? 2. Is the only way to verify that the sitemap portion of this contrib picks up all my urls is for me to visit each one (to initially create them)? 3. Is there a way to run the sitemap portion while at the same time having it generate the new urls? It's like you have two contribs in one and that is great, I certainly don't mind putting in the work to manually visit all the categories and products (over 2000). Thanks again for such a great contrib...you will be seeing a donation from me! Adam
  4. awarner20

    Integrating Osc With A Design

    I believe you are looking for the Simple Template System (STS) contribution found here... http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...template+system
  5. awarner20

    Paypal Order Did Not Register

    This is a common problem with the standard PayPal module included with osC. Basically, the products in the cart are not added to your osC database until the customer hits the "Return to Merchant" button after making the payment at PayPal. If they do not hit that button, you will receive notice of payment from PayPal, but you will not receive the actual order in your osC Admin area. I speak from first hand experience;) There are a couple work-arounds, but the best so far is the PayPal IPN module. This basically puts the order in your database BEFORE the customer makes a payment. It puts it in a kind of "order holding area" in your Admin. Once the user finishes payment at PayPal, your order details are updated in your cart to the normal "Pending" status. The contrib is here and is one of the easier ones to install. The one to install is by Terra, dated Jan. 14, 2007 (for my needs anyway) I highly recommend reading through the install directions a couple times before installing, and if you use GoDaddy as your host (like I do), pay attention to the special instructions for GoDaddy. ...and always remember...BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP....before installing any contributions! I have really screwed things up while installing various contribs, but my backups have saved me! p.s. I am a lover of rare records, great concept for a site. If you need help, PM me.
  6. awarner20

    RSS Feed contribution support thread

    Is it possible to get CSS buttons to show in the feed? Anyone?
  7. awarner20

    RSS Feed contribution support thread

    I am having this issue as well. I am using CSS Buttons and they do not show in the feed. Is there a way to show CSS Buttons in the feed? My feed is here... http://derbydogma.com/rss.php
  8. awarner20

    RSS Feed contribution support thread

    Problem solved, I feel so stupid:) I had inadvertantly overwritten the admin/includes/languages/english.php with this same file in the other includes directory...catalog/includes/languages/english.php. Luckily, I had a backup of this file, and everything seems to be ok now:) Thanks for your attention to this thread.
  9. awarner20

    RSS Feed contribution support thread

    The problem still exists for me. After having a chance to investigate, it looks like I had added some code to catalog/admin/includes/languages/english.php when it was supposed to be added to catalog/includes/languages/english.php in step 3. of the install instructions. STEP 3 ------------- Open catalog/includes/languages/yourlanguagehere.php (e.g. english.php) file: ###Add before / above the last ?> tag: define('BOX_INFORMATION_RSS', 'Catalog Feed'); ###Find: define('IMAGE_BUTTON_IN_CART', 'Add to Cart'); ###Add under it: define('IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO', 'More information'); I thought maybe this was causing the issue, but I have corrected this and the problem in the above screenshots still exists. I am continuing to try and go through the instructions again. If anyone has any further thoughts on what area of code and possibly what file is screwed up, I would be most appreciative:)
  10. awarner20

    RSS Feed contribution support thread

    Thanks phi148, It looks like some code in that file is missing from as compared to a backup I have from last month. I have the most recent backup on another computer, so I should be able to get it fixed within the next few days. Thanks for directing me on where to look:)
  11. awarner20

    RSS Feed contribution support thread

    Would anyone here be kind enough to share why this might be happening? I would really like to use this contribution:)
  12. awarner20

    RSS Feed contribution support thread

    Hi everybody, I've just installed this contribution and have run into what I "think" is just a small error on my part. When I am in the Admin area, the words "BOX_HEADING" are in front of everything. Here's a screenshot... Could someone clue me in on where I might have made a mistake? I am guessing it's on the catalog/admin/categories.php? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated:)
  13. awarner20

    Changing return To Merchant Link on Paypal

    Thanks Douglas, That's very helpful information. I will most likely apply the pending email solution. After making a few changes including a notice to customers on the checkout page, we've had two more orders, both of which were successful. Thanks for your help!
  14. awarner20

    Changing return To Merchant Link on Paypal

    Just wonder if you've been able to figure out where to change this code. We had our very first order today and had to jump through some hoops to figure out what was ordered. I've been reading a lot about the various "solutions" and your PayPal communication seems viable. It would be great to be able to replace that "return to merchant" link with a logo image of our store saying "return to our store" or something similar. I'll be following this thread in the hope that some help will be coming on where and how to pass the "cbt" variable and replace this link with an image. Fingers crossed:)