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    Alternative Checkout System

    thanks fot this great contrib, i trying linking to the site and it's broken how can i get it again thanks a lot
  2. wildboy156

    [Contribution] Auction Module

    hi, marcus i installed this contribution found some errors, please see image as below PHP Version 4.3.8 phpMyAdmin Database Manager Version 2.6.0-rc1 language chinese big5 i tried many times fixing this problem, but i can't, my head is getting worse, could you help me? thanks
  3. wildboy156

    Ajax Buy Now

    I've read all the posting, but it's still not working, how it works on STS v4.1?(in clean osc is fine) when click add to cart the "wheel" is working, but it can't show "ok" image, after i reflash i can see it already in the shoppingcart. sorry foy my poor english, i hope you can understand what i mean. could anyone tell me step by step, thanks