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  1. to all-> please go to http://www.procreator.info/shop/ and http://www.procreator.info/shop/admin/ and answers for your questions you will figure out by your self.


    about shipping address no it`s not requer till you press button (fixed thanks Sergio Inacio)


    about conformation page this page needed for external payment system


    about shippments and price this module automaticaly calculate shipment cost depend on module that you use.


    thanks fot this great contrib, i trying linking to the site and it's broken


    how can i get it again


    thanks a lot

  2. I've disabled the GZIP accelaration. Read all the user's post before posting.



    I've read all the posting, but it's still not working, how it works on STS v4.1?(in clean osc is fine)


    when click add to cart the "wheel" is working, but it can't show "ok" image, after i reflash i can see it already in the shoppingcart.


    sorry foy my poor english, i hope you can understand what i mean.


    could anyone tell me step by step, thanks