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  1. medical-hero

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    Hi, can anyone help me? I'd like the articles in "Information Pages Unlimited" are listed in categories or sections. Nested into four levels, e.g. Main categories and sub categories like Company - staff - departments - individual employees. Could anyone integrate that? Or is it already done? In any event, not in that version that I saw on. But it's long ago. Regards Jochen
  2. medical-hero

    Manufacturer types PREMIUM

    Hello, can someone recode the following contribs to a coherent contrib? I program very stupid code and I haven't time to learn it better. I code anymore worse than I speak English... The contribs are: Extra "manufacturers" type class - BETA (Contribution 2877) Manufacturer 2 (Contribution 2634) Human manufacturers (Contribution 3166) Finally the goal is that you can create products with different manufacturer types. As example manufacturer companies, countries of production or "human manufacturers" (e.g. actors or stage directors). Example - "manufacturers" of DVD/video: - main actors - supporting actors - stage directors - script-authors - film-studio - film-locations If its own category-ID is assigned to each type, the customers can looking for all films in an actor played along. You can also look for studios if you will have changed the search form. For each category-type you can create an own search form. Jewellery stores can sort by metal (e.g. gold, silver,...), collections, brands and so on... In Manufacturers-Admin you can choose a type group (single name (e.g. company name) or personal name). If personal name is selected, you can insert forename in another database field. For customers appears surname and forename separate by comma in the selection list. Bye Jochen