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  1. Jus Google for "mp virtual api for oscommerce"
  2. Hello Jan, there is a commercial product that has been developed to connect osCommerce with that payment provider. Search Google for it.
  3. I developed a datacash module that works with NBG, a method for HPS and one for HCC. Often there are slight differences in implementation for specific banks, so when developing a solution for a specific bank, you might ask if there are any deviations from the default developers guide before starting developing.
  4. Για δείτε εδώ:
  5. Για δείτε εδώ: Με ή χωρίς δόσεις Winbank ticketing Web Service (νέα μέθοδος) Χωρίς τροποποιήσεις στον βασικό κώδικα Με SHA-256 hashing encryption algorithm έλεγχος ασφάλειας
  6. I have developed payment modules that work with osCommerce 3 and the following Greek banks: -Alpha Bank (redirect) -Eurobank (redirect) -Winbank | Piraeus bank (ticket / redirect) To keep developement centralized and secure these modules are only available from my website.
  7. I didn't have that problem, not with Firefox 2 and also not with Firefox 3 (English), so you might have a conflict with your installation. The payment front-end from Eurobank is not more then a simple form and so will not be problematic to load on different browsers. It would also be a little strange if their front-end would not be compatible with a browser that has a big marketshare. Their backend uses scripts which are not compatible with Firefox, I know that from experience.
  8. Between those 2, in case I would not be offering installments, I would choose for Emporiki, otherwise for Eurobank.
  9. Ps, just recently I installed a gateway through Eurobank for another program, based on the same priciple without experiencing any problem on Firefox (my default browser). Also, no one has ever reported this problem to me, although I've implemented this gateway to many e-shops. The only thing that is not working with Eurobank and Firefox is their backend.
  10. I didn't experience the problem with Firefox before (except for the certificate warning), but I can have a look at it as a test account comes available in the future.
  11. I wrote the cookie instruction just to make sure the module works also in case the session handling has not been setup right. In case the session handling works correctly, there is no need to force cookies for all the modules I posted (including the Emporiki contribution).
  12. In case session handling is setup right, force cookies is not needed. Only Eurobanks backend has a problem with other browsers then IE, no problem though making payments through your e-shop with Mozilla.
  13. The version Information Pages Unlimited v2.05 from lildog throws header already send errors after installing on a php5/mysql5 platform, using a clean rc2a version. No problem with version v2.04.7
  14. Bonjour Check line 138 if (tep_not_null($product_info['products_image'])) { This statement should be above the image and the statement isn't ended properly by a closing tag }. If not needed, remove the statement and the image code above, else position it properly and close the statement after the code. Check line 167 if (tep_not_null($product_info['products_image'])) { Again the if image statement, this time properly positioned and closed. Check line 300 Remove the invalid closing tag
  15. I think the best way would be to modify an existing payment module to generate a form like that and let it send the submitted form details to the store owner.