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  1. Ok, here's what I'm looking for: our shipping is based on price, and so we've been using the table shipping -- $5.00 - $20.00 = $5.00, $20.01 - $50.00 = $10.00 shipping, etc. That works fine. We also sell eBooks and, as a charity, take online donations, and so we have free shipping for those, using free shipping for select categories, and that works fine. But when the customer combines the two in one order, we have a problem. When someone buys a $2.00 product and makes a $200 donation, the table shipping kicks in and they are charged shipping on an order of $202.00. They aren't impressed with $25.00 shipping on a $2.00 item. Any idea on how to make this work? Is there a module I've missed or a way to combine two?
  2. That worked when shipping was based on weight (did that in the past). Now that it's based on total price instead, that's a little more difficult.
  3. My mistake - misread the error
  4. jbs

    Discount Coupons for Version 2.3.1

    Sorry ... misread the error; my mistake. Package is fine and download link works
  5. I tried installing the latest version (3.34) and the contribution appears to be incomplete; it's missing the file includes/functions/coupons.php. If I could get that file, I would REALLY appreciate it, since the contribution is partially installed now and I'm stuck. Thanks! Jim
  6. jbs

    Discount Coupons for Version 2.3.1

    I found the downloads and the module looks great. HOWEVER, there is a file missing from the downloads: includes/functions/coupons.php. I checked all three downloads there, just in case. If you could re-upload with that file included I would REALLY appreciate it! I have it installed right now just waiting for that file.
  7. Same title but this time for v. 2.3.1 -- anyone know how to get this to work properly with the new version? Version 2.3.1 is different enough that I'm stumbling a little with it.
  8. jbs

    Contribution Donation

    Anything new on this? I wandered away from this for a while, but I'm back ... has everyone else wandered from it as well? It continues to be something that would be great to have. I have more than one charitable organization I'm working with who could make use of something like this. While having an item for which a person can enter an amount for would be great, Gary's solution is definitely a good alternative.
  9. Well, it may well have been a line of code (wasn't sure which one). In this case, it was in "catalog" originally and it wasn't working. I reinstalled using a different directory and all is working now. I'm pretty sure there is/was a line of code somewhere I screwed up, but not sure which one; I'm pretty well back to where I started now (with the module working this time).
  10. I'm at a loss. Partly, if this problem was consistent, it would help, but there's no consistency. At least 90% of the time, when I submit an order and it passes the values to ePDQ, the OID is blank (""). I've tried going through the code; unfortunately, I'm more of a hacker than a coder, so I only partially understand the coding to get and then post the OID in the epdq.php file. When I go to post, when I'm going to enter the credit card number at ePDQ, I'll look at the source code and notice the OID is blank. So I'll go back and fiddle around with the order and try to resubmit and generally there is no OID. But then once in a while (and I can't find the pattern), the OID is suddenly filled in and the order carries along. The major issue is, of course, that unless the OID is passed to ePDQ and then returned, the order will not complete; the customer will return to the catalogue with items in his shopping cart, even though the payment has gone through with Barclays. Anyone have any ideas what is happening or what direction I should be looking?
  11. Nevermind, folks ... I don't know what I did wrong, but after trying pretty well everything else, I started from scratch. Thankfully it was still under development (though I had done most of the other mods first ...) Anyway, it's working on the reinstall, so I'm now redoing everything else, testing along the way, to see where I went wrong last time.... Either way, at least this is working now.
  12. jbs

    Contribution Donation

    If anyone can find this, it would be great! I'm setting up a store for a charitable organization who sells books, etc., but also takes charitable donations.
  13. jbs

    Problems with Secure Credit Card - GPG

    I'm with you. Looks like a good module ... if it would work. I had exactly the same problem. Anyone out there know what the problem might be?