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  1. Has anyone managed to make this contribution update the original core OSC order status when an RMA is in process and then completed? It would be neat if when a customer has requested an RMA the order status changed to a new order status like "RMA Requested" and then once it is completed by admin it changed to "RMA Completed" rather than staying at the default "Order Completed" (in my store) - this is so I can see from my orders on orders.php which have been returned etc as at the moment there is no distinction between a completed order which has been returned and one which has not on orders.php. I have no idea where to even begin, anyone got any ideas?
  2. Kenz - when you go to Customers/Orders (orders.php), select the order in question and click details you should see a link called "Schedule Return" beside each item in the order. Click that and it will let you create an RMA as admin without the user having to do it themselves.
  3. mondeo79

    One Page Checkout Support

    Im back :) I had hoped if I left this contribution for a few months the bugs would be ironed out but, alas, it seems not! Anyway! Im having some weird issues for new customers who are not creating an account - they can fill in all their details on checkout.php and place the order as normal. An order appears in my database and I get an email etc BUT the customer name, email, shipping and billing addresses in the table and email are empty - all I see is spaces and a few commas. In addition, when the order is completed the customer is redirected to shopping_cart.php and NOT checkout_success.php. HOWEVER, if a customer logs in using their account details the order data like addresses etc is entered in the database table and I see them in the email email AND the redirect goes to checkout_success.php as it should - anyone got any ideas? Ta Jase
  4. mondeo79

    One Page Checkout Support

    I thought they werent offering any support? Thats what it says on the contribution download page?
  5. mondeo79

    One Page Checkout Support

    Does anyone know how to make the payment/shipping methods appear regardless of the address entry? For some reason my checkout stopped working :( It was all working fine last week, I was getting orders and all was well - then on Sunday orders stopped coming through but as I had reigned in my Adwords CPC advertising I put it down to that until last night a customer emailed me to say I cant get payment options to appear even when I enter all the boxes so they couldnt complete checkout. I assumed they were doing something silly but they weren't - checkout.php will not show payment options no matter what I do. I have now turned it off and gone back to the old checkout but I am totally baffled as to why this has happened when it worked fine last week so the easy option seems to be to not wait for the address etc to be entered before offering payment options - anyone any idea if it can be done? Jason
  6. mondeo79

    Customer Survey

    Has anyone been able to make this contribution send survey requests in bulk rather than having to manually go into each order and send the survey request? I have a bunch of orders I want to survey and would ideally like to be able to tick the orders I want to survey and then hit survey and they all get processed and sent in one go.
  7. mondeo79

    One Page Checkout Support

    I can get it work work fine for cheque/postal order and Paypal IF the user is logged in but for new users unless I enter a password I get redirected to login so there is some sort of validation in checkout.php which is looking for an entry in password and if it is blank its redirecting to login.php Also when it works for not logged in customers (i.e. they enter a password) it creates the customer twice - the order is only placed once but I end up with two customers added to my customer list.
  8. THanks Mortal - I had that included anyway as I was previously displaying the product model in the popup but I think I can see the problem I have now. When I look at the source of the popup the image is being included in the source but the format is wrong, my HTML for popup includes: <body onload="resize();"> <img src="imagemagic.php?img=seWoktzbZGVrnm7LiuSiqLXp1NWtprGb3g%3D%3D&w=D4881&h=0&page=popup&model=" width="D4881" border="0" alt="3 Karat Gem Babydoll" title="3 Karat Gem Babydoll"></body> Obviously looking at it there is an error in one of my previous definitions as it is placing model in the wrong variable - I had assumed the error was in the second line in html_output.php but it looks ok to me, I have incluced it below: $image = '<img src="imagemagic.php?img='.$src.'&w='. tep_output_string($width).'&h='.tep_output_string($height).'&page='.$page.'&model='.$model.'"'; } elseif (IMAGE_REQUIRED == 'false') { return false; } } Any ideas where I have missed something from?
  9. SOrry Mortal - I missed that bit! Now the errors are all gone but how do I actually get it to display the model number in the text watermark? Do I need to change something in the admin panel to tell it to use $products['products_model'], for example? I have set text watermarks to on but what text do I need to put into the watermakr text section in admin if anything at all? I have tried $products['products_model'] and it just displays it as is - sorry for being dumb....
  10. Thanks for the reply Mortal - I tried this as you laid it out but I get an error: Warning: Missing argument 6 for tep_image(), called in /home/XXXX/public_html/includes/header.php on line 78 and defined in /home/XXXX/public_html/includes/functions/html_output.php on line 301 Line 301 is: function tep_image($src, $alt = '', $width = '', $height = '', $params = '',$model) { global $product_info; It also repeats the error with different definition locations varying by image but inlcuding additional_images.php, boxes.php and so on.
  11. Is there any way of getting this contribution to overlay the product model data for each image onto the popup? So if a product has a product model of ABCD I would like the image to have a watermark saying Product model: ABCD at the bottom left in small text - I can of course get it to create text but not varying text depending on the image. Any ideas? Jason
  12. Problem solved, needed to add a line to tep_image definition in includes/functions/html_output.php: Find: //Detect whether this is a pop-up image if (strstr($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],"popup_image.php")) $page="popup"; Add after it: if (strstr($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],"popup_add_image.php")) $page="popup";
  13. Does anyone have any idea how to apply imagemagic to additional images popups? Im using Additional Images Module here My main product image does exactly what it should and all my additional image thumbnails reduce in size correctly, the names are encrypted and they are using imagemagic.php but the popup for each of the additional images does not use imagemagic and as a result they are not encrypted and are not watermarked but the main product image is. I assume they are both using tep_image() so am struggling to understand why the additional popups dont seem to work as expected - can anyone provide any help please? Thank you Jason
  14. mondeo79

    Header Tags SEO

    Sorry - stupid question, fixed it now :)
  15. mondeo79

    Header Tags SEO

    Thank you Jack - again :)