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  1. Nils P.

    [Contrib] Shipping zoneworld

    :DHm John, maybe we should re-upload the working version of this contribution so it'll appear above elari's flawed one to reduce the number of problems - until he has it fixed (if that will ever happen)
  2. Actually, you should have several cache.php files in your installation - but the one I was talking about is in catalog/includes/functions. Hope this (still) helps. Nils
  3. Nils P.

    [Contrib] Shipping zoneworld

    Hi, in the version "25 May 2004 - Zones Intenational Default / Zonesworld Version 2", both the weight and the taxes work correctly - at least for the shops I maintain. Good luck! Nils
  4. Hi, You might want to check the knowledge base article "Adding Images To Box Headings": http://www.oscommerce.info/kb/osCommerce/C...g_Area/Boxes/44
  5. Nils P.

    [Contrib] Shipping zoneworld

    Hey, we uploaded a new and improved version, at http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,920 * Some changes for MS 2 * Now works with tax class, like the original osCommerce 2.2 Zones module did. * Fixes a little bug from the original zones.php. This bug only shows when the total order weight exceeds the maximum weight ("admin::Shipping/Packaging::Enter the Maximum Package Weight you will ship"). If you don't add this "number of boxes fix", at checkout it will seem that the weight is lower if heavy orders are to be shipped, but it only shows the weight per box (forgetting about the number of boxes). * Show's countries' full names instead of two-letter-code at checkout (e.g. "Canada" instead of CA) ...Maybe the missing integration of tax was what prevented the breakthrough of this extremly useful and underrated conribution, so no more excuses now. ;) Credits and kudos to elari, the original author. Bugfix, Tax fix by Paul Mathot Minor stuff by me ;)
  6. Exactly, the problem I described occurs on any category level, except on index.php itself, the sql query being a lot less complicated there (no parent category IDs etc). I noticed your site doesn't even use the new products box in "cetegory depth", that's why I asked. I don't have a link to a productive site with this contrib installed at the moment - some questions via email, but no links. It doesn't look any different than the new products module in an out-of-the-box installation, just that it works for any and all subcategory levels. I'm using the same algorythm with the cieto featured products module. It works pretty much like the new products module, with the same problem in the original version. Your shop not showing new/featured products in category depth is definitely worth considering too, especially if there's nice category images. That way, people aren't fooled into believing the new/featured products are all there is in this category, thus missing the subcategories.
  7. Hi, consider yourself lucky - everbody else I know of does ;) Can't tell you right now. Maybe because it's not ... ...? Another thing to remember is, this problem only occurs in a category (index.php?cPath=...) and not on the main page/top level index.php. You're not talking about the shop your www-Button is linking to, are you? It is a nice shop though, I like it.
  8. Yes. That's what it's supposed to do. See readme file for details (including how to turn it off). No need to do that with version 1.2. It works nicely with all posible settings here: national, international, and both. :)
  9. Hehe-that "tep-function" doesn't exist, but this is what your're looking for: if ($tree[$counter]['level'] < 1)
  10. This is the discussion and support thread fo my contribution "Include all Subcategories for 'New Products in 'month'" which is here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2053 . ************************************************************* Features: ************************************************************* This contribution addresses a flaw in the original osC2.2 MS2 code, changing the way products are selected for the Box 'new products in *month*' - not the small box in the side column, but the large one within the center 'body' part. The box only shows up on the main page (index.php), and there's nothing wrong with it there, I didn't change that part. Besides that, it will display in any category that doesn't hold any products itself, and display its subcategories' products. But here's the catch: the standard version of osC2.2 MS2 will only include products of subcategories nested one level deep, but not any deeper. This is no problem if there are only two category levels in the first place, like in the 'out of the box'-version of osC2.2 MS2. For shops with a deeper category structure however, this means not all 'new products' of a branch will be shown in the box, in many/most cases none will be shown at all. Customers then get to see a basically empty page when clicking on categories 'in between'. As an example, take a look at this typical part of a category structure: Top (index.php) |-Movies | |-DVD | | |-Action <- products are here Now let's assume products are listed in the deepest category level, in 'Action', but none in 'DVD' or 'Movies' of course. When a customer clicks on 'DVD', they'll get to see the 'new products in...' box, with the newest 9 (3,6, whatever) products from the 'Action' category. But when they click on the 'Movies' category - Without this contribution, there will be nothing, no products in the category itself, and no 'new products in *month*'-Box. This contribution changes new_products.php in a way that it will now check all subcategories of a branch for products, no matter how deep or complex the structure may be, and display them in the 'new products in *month*'-Box of a category. REMEMBER (just to make sure ;)) : If your shop doesn't have a category depth of three levels or more, as shown in the example above, you will not notice any difference when using this contribution! Otherwise you will, and I'd recommend using it. The pre-release versions of this modification were based on a piece of code posted by infiern0... there's not much left of his code in this contribution now, but I wouldn't have done it without his work, kudos to him. Thanks to Gendo for pointing out an error, thus giving me a slight push towards finishing this one ;), and to everybody who gave me feedback so far.
  11. Daniel, thanks, yes that's a pretty nice method, I didn't think about that one. however, one should be aware that this: if (tep_has_category_subcategories($counter)) means that "if the category has subcategories", so if you have more than two levels of categories, it will try to display an extra image for categories that aren't top-level, and I doubt you'd want that to happen. However, for simple two-level structures, this is good enough ;) Cheers, Nils
  12. Hey Daniel, first, don't be suprised too much if they delete or edit your post due to "explicit content"... ;) Apart from that, this is what I'd do: I'd add a switch to the code in categories.php and ask for the specific cPaths of the categories in question, thus assigning a certain image to each one. As I said, you have to know the cPaths, and not do changes to the (top level) categories, or it will turn out wrong and you'll have to do it again. So maybe you should wait until you're sure about your top level categories and then give it a try. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, and you don't want to learn it, I'd recommend finding (and maybe paying) someone to do it for you. Cheers, Nils
  13. I don't know if there's a contribution that explicitly does that. But it is possible with the original shop or with this contribution anyway. If you don't change your categories once you've set them up.
  14. Erwin, I don't know the Multiple_Stores contribution, but after a short look at your site, you should do two things in any case as first steps: 1. install the cache fix I uploaded on Sept 2, 2003 at http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1480 if you haven't already. 2. Empty your cache, and turn it off until all works like it should. Both can be done in the Admin area of your shop. I can't promise you that this will solve your problems, but let me know what it did. Regards, Nils
  15. You put it in correctly, but a few lines are missing now from the original contribution: if (isset($cPath_array) && in_array($counter, $cPath_array)) { $categories_string .= '<b>'; } if ($cat_name == $tree[$counter]['name']) { $categories_string .= '<span class="errorText">'; } ... this goes right below the part I posted earlier, above // display category name That should do it. B)