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  1. OSC-Affiliate

    But the main function for this stuff should be present ;)
  2. OSC-Affiliate

    affiliate_id affiliate_lft affiliate_rgt affiliate_root 1 1 2 1 Ok lets insert No2 as child of 1: affiliate_id affiliate_lft affiliate_rgt affiliate_root 1 1 4 1 2 2 3 1 Ok lets insert No3 as child of 1: affiliate_id affiliate_lft affiliate_rgt affiliate_root 1 1 6 1 2 2 3 1 3 4 5 1 No4 is child of 3 affiliate_id affiliate_lft affiliate_rgt affiliate_root 1 1 8 1 2 2 3 1 3 4 7 1 4 5 6 1 clear? test it here: http://www.klempert.de/nested_sets/demo/in...e=r2&node=0
  3. OSC-Affiliate

    If the tier system is the same as in my very old release, then the tier information are stored in the affiliate_affiliate table. The system to store it is called "Nested Sets" (original developed by Joe Celko, i think). You need the fields lft and rgt (root) to determine alle subs and level of an affiliate. Should only be one query to get all the information. The other possible model is the parent_id model, (like used in the categories), but this has huge performance problems if you have a lot of tiers. (some may have experienced this with the categories ;) ) Sad to here this. I stopped developing it and wanted to release a new version with the so called upcoming MS3... Perhaps wirh the next osC release in some years ;) i start again...
  4. Sure it possible, the problem is, when the number gets guessable, everyone can try to read tickets, if you allow non registered customers to write tickets.
  5. OSC-Affiliate

    Just set billingtime to -1 than you can test at once, at least at my old release it worked. From the old Faq:
  6. OSC-Affiliate

    affiliate_affiliate via: affiliate_lft, affiliate_rgt, affiliate_root
  7. OSC-Affiliate

    The realtion of the tier system stands in the DB. It's saved via "nested sets".
  8. Should be explained in this thread. If not just copy the tep_mail functions in the catalog, and add the Store Owner Emailaddress (similar to checkout_process). Customers should get an email. The content is not added, cause a, we want the customer to get back to the shop, b, if he gets content he replies to the email which would ignore the ticket system Depends on what you need. There are bigger and complexer) systems out there ;) But if you need emails to remind you to look after a possible ticket, it should be working for you
  9. OSC-Affiliate

    Solutions: - don't use Get-vars only Post as methods for submitting the ref-id (means that your affiliate have to use forms to link to you page) I think google than does not follow the links. - you can send all get links to a extra page which then redirects via moved permanently to your unique product page (don't know how google reacts to this)
  10. OSC-Affiliate

    add this: then you should see where it is ;)
  11. OSC-Affiliate

    Hi, if you want to reduce the $affiliate_total you should run through the $order_total (the code is seen in checkout_process) and check if a giftvoucher is used. If so you can reduce the $affiliate_total.
  12. OSC-Affiliate

    Which contribution did you download? (exact file please) If this is the original file, it's a security breach. If your admin has a session based login, every one has access to it!
  13. OSC-Affiliate

    Should work with the banner_id. The script doesn't checks if the banner exists. So if you made a list: banner_id - keyword 100001 keyword1 100002 keyword2 and then give google links with ref and affiliate_banner_id it should fill the database. For a complete online solution you have to code some more scripts.
  14. OSC-Affiliate

    To alle questions yes, except: Nice idea, not done yet. ref= should work, ALL links with ref= are counted. If you want other textlinks just build them. I haven't implemented this yet. Would increase the difficulty of the setup of the contri. And as a lot of people have problems with the simple setup, just forget it for now. How to do it: add a affiliate commision field to the products, get this field into the products array in the classes shopping_cart and orders. -> then you can use it in affiliate_checkout_process to use you calculation. Shouldn't be a problem to add a tep_mail function to the signup page ;)
  15. OSC-Affiliate

    read the thread...