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  1. hello out there.... Does anyone know how to add FCKeditor 2.4.3 to a catalog that has already been modified with Product Tabs 2.2? I have the Product Tabs 2.2 Contrib (only) installed on a clean install of OSC 2.2R1. I tried installing FCKeditor before installing Product Tabs. The editor worked until I tried to install Product Tabs. Then, the admin tabs showed up as undefined variables: DH_TEXT_DESCRIPTION with no content population. So then I went back to a clean install and added Product Tabs. Now that the files have been modified for Product Tabs, the instructions for installing FCKeditor do not match the code. If anyone has already added FCKeditor to a catalog modified with Product Tabs, would you be a dear and share how it's done? Many thanks in advance.
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    Ask a Product Question

    Can someone please explain how to make Ask_A_Question work in OSC vers 2.2 without logging in? I'm using AAQ as a tab in Product Tabs 2.2. Thanks very much!