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  1. titanic_fanatic

    NEW: Anti Robot Registration Validation

    I had this same problem and this post http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...4205&st=288 fixed everything oh, and I also had to change this line in create_account.php: $validation_images = tep_image('validation_png.php?rsid=' . $new_guery_anti_robotreg['session_id']); to this: //$validation_images = tep_image('validation_png.php?rsid=' . $new_guery_anti_robotreg['session_id']); $validation_images = '<img src="validation_png.php?rsid=' . $new_guery_anti_robotreg['session_id'] . '">'; This solved all of my problems with 2.6. Don't forget when your including the path to your own fonts dir that you include the full absolute path and not the relative path Also the other important thing is in your administration control panel where you modify the options of this contrib, you nee to make sure that you specify the exact filename of the TTF font that you uploaded for example if you uploaded 'arial.ttf' to your fonts directory, you would enter 'arial.ttf' (this is case sensitive and is not the same as 'ARIAL.TTF'). Hope this helps, ciao
  2. titanic_fanatic

    Ajax Buy Now

    I tried changing my template to one that uses both left and right columns and it still doesn't seem to work, but I'm wondering if it has to do with the added code in the /includes/functions/general.php under function tep_redirect as it's just not refreshing the <div id="divShoppingCard"> for some reason... I can't pinpoint why either? any other ideas...
  3. titanic_fanatic

    Ajax Buy Now

    anyone have any ideas??? i'm pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. I would really like to include it in my store... I know that the script is for some reason just not updating the 'divShoppingCard' div... any ideas?
  4. titanic_fanatic

    Ajax Buy Now

    I also forgot to mention that I do have gzip disabled...
  5. titanic_fanatic

    Ajax Buy Now

    Hello, I came accross this contrib about 2 weeks ago and absolutely loved it... I could not get it to work though... I'm using the osCclean template from 7dana.com that uses STS 2.01 template system and have gone through this forum probably 20 times already. When I click on the buy now button, it activates the loading image just fine, but that's where it stops, it doesn't seem to update the cart and continues to display the loading.gif image. if you refresh the page, it will update the cart according to the number of times you press the buy now button, but it doesn't update automatically like it's supposed to, and I can't seem to get the fly image to work... The template can be seen here: 7dana.com - osCclean I am using the woutreload.js version so that I can get the fly effect... and have mimicked the code used at netso.ru, I have added the <div id="flyDiv"></div> before my $cartbox I added the #flyDiv css to my stylesheet.css I added the call to ajax_sc.js in the <head></head> tags of the html and changed the link onclick event to mimic the one used on netso.ru and still it just won't update automatically... I don't know where to go from here I've been searching for almost a week for an answer and I just can't seem to find the answer, so I thought I would ask the kind people of this forum... If you browse to our website and click on a category on the left side, you can click on the buy now button yourself and see what happens, you can even look at the code... http://store.spanishmania.ca Just let me know iff I should post any particular piece of code or if it would be better just to group all modified files into a zip and upload to my server for downloading? Thanks in advance for any help, Titanic_Fanatic