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  1. I have Individual Product Shipping Methods working and would like to display the selected Shipping Methods on the Product Info page. Does anyone know if this can be done? If so could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  2. ogg2k

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    I have check my orders.php with the install instruction and all is right. I have also replaced my orders.php with the one in the pack and it still wont work. I have install the tracking module on a fresh copy of osc in my server and all work right, so i think there is a conflit with another mod i have install, but i cant find where. Does anyone have this problem or know where the problem might be. Thanks Rob
  3. ogg2k

    fast easy checkout

    Hi Could some one point me in the right direction? I have had FEC Run for a few months and have decided I would like customer to create and account for several reasons. Is it possible to change the code to make an account instead of offering with out uninstalling the contribution? Rob
  4. ogg2k

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    Any one Had this problem?
  5. ogg2k

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    Hi No there is no tracking data in the email, I have also looked in the DB and there in no tracking data there ether. Rob
  6. ogg2k

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    I still have the problem of the tracking number not being saved even if I change from Pending -> Delivered. Change is processed and email is sent but the tracking number is not saved. i have a lot of contributions install so i think there must be a conflict some where. Any ideas?? Rob
  7. ogg2k

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    Hi Have install and all looks ok, but when I come to add a tracking number it’s not applied. All I get "Warning: Nothing to change. The order was not updated." Any ideas. Rob
  8. ogg2k

    Links Manager II

    Nop still dont work.
  9. ogg2k

    Links Manager II

    just installed 1.17 and the admin files dont work. Links, Link Categories, Links Contact load blank and there is no errors Links Featured & Links Status work ok Any one know what might be going on? Rob
  10. Dont know if this helps any one but there is a mistake in this code. top line reponse insted of response if ($nochex_apc['nochex_reponse']=='AUTHORISED') { $NAVBAR_TITLE_2 = NOCHEX_NAVBAR_TITLE_2_OK; $HEADING_TITLE = NOCHEX_HEADING_TITLE_OK; $TEXT_SUCCESS = NOCHEX_TEXT_SUCCESS_OK; $cart->reset(TRUE); } else if ($nochex_apc['nochex_response']=='DECLINED') { $NAVBAR_TITLE_2 = NOCHEX_NAVBAR_TITLE_2_FAILED; $HEADING_TITLE = NOCHEX_HEADING_TITLE_FAILED; $TEXT_SUCCESS = NOCHEX_TEXT_SUCCESS_FAILED; } else if ($nochex_apc['orders_status']==50000) { $NAVBAR_TITLE_2 = NOCHEX_NAVBAR_TITLE_2_PENDING; $HEADING_TITLE = NOCHEX_HEADING_TITLE_PENDING; $TEXT_SUCCESS = NOCHEX_TEXT_SUCCESS_PENDING; } else { $NAVBAR_TITLE_2 = NAVBAR_TITLE_2; $HEADING_TITLE = HEADING_TITLE; $TEXT_SUCCESS = TEXT_SUCCESS; };
  11. Nochex APC + QTpro Does any one know how to get the Nochex_apc_handler.php to function with QTpro. I have played around for hours trying to get it to work. Could some one point me in the right direction. Thanks Rob
  12. From what I have seen the nochex_proccess.php works the Update Stock before Payment and the handler.php does update stock after payment. Update Stock before Payment = True looks to complete the checkout process then asks for payment. I think this is why email goes out before payment. I think there might be a problem with the callback from Nochex and nochex_apc_handler.php AUTHORISED and DECLINED response might not be received or read by nochex_apc_handler.php when the Nochex callback comes. As it need the receive a AUTHORISED response to set the order status to Nochex Authorised Plus I’m not getting anything in the Nochex APC – Transactions in admin And has any one got this to work right.!!!!
  13. Hi I have Nochex APC payment Module up and running after a few problems. The Only problem I have is the "Update Stock before Payment" option. Set to TURE every thing works, but turned to false transactions are process but stock levels are not updated. Is there a way to get the stock to be updated after payment? Updating stock before payment to me is a bit on the stupid side. Has any one got round this? Thanks Rob
  14. ogg2k

    Automatic Store Feeds Contribution

    Help!!! I get this message when i click on froogle Uk RUN FEED File completed: froogle_uk_file.txt Connected to uploads.google.com, for user username uploads.google.com: FTP upload has failed! When i look in the feeds folder there is no file and it is set to 777 All files are unmodifid. Is there some thing im missing as i have does when it says in the reedme. Thanks
  15. ogg2k

    fast easy checkout

    Hi I have QT Pro and Fast East Checkout Running Great every thing is working. But I cant workout how to get the product box to show the right message if a product is not available in the desired quantity. At the moment it is showing the total quantity and not the attributes quantity. Has anyone got this to work or does any one know what needs to be done. Thanks if any one can help
  16. Hi I have QT Pro and Fast East Checkout Running Great every thing is working. But I cant workout how to get the product box to show the right message if a product is not available in the desired quantity. At the moment it is showing the total quantity and not the attributes quantity. Has anyone got this to work or does any one know what needs to be done. Thanks if any one can help
  17. ogg2k

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Help Installed the latest copy and all i get when i click edit is a blank page. No Errors I have also install Manual Order Maker on top and i can create a order which opens up edit_order.php with no problem. but then when i try and add a product to the new order i get a blank page with no errors. I have seen that some one had the same problem but i cant see a fix. Any one have any idea where the problem might be? thanks
  18. Hi Just installed 1.1 and all i get is FPDF error: Some data has already been output, can't send PDF file i have not change any thing in the new files. any one know what could be wrong.
  19. Hi In need of help Has any one got this working with More Pics 6 I have QTpro up and running im just having a problem getting it working with my product_info could some point me in the right direction. thanks rob
  20. ogg2k

    Faster Page Loads

    Hi i have installed this contribution and all is working as far as i can see. apart from i dont get any shipping options at the checkout. has any one had this problem, i so how was it solved. Thanks If any one can help.
  21. Hi Need Some Help Trying to install Categories and Products Images Folder Tree. Got it installed but when i try and add an image the folder is created but the image is not uploaded to the new folder. Any one else got this to work? Thanks Rob
  22. ogg2k

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    Hi I have installed SEO-G 1.16 and all looks like its working as it should but the left colunm is on holding its width. With seo-g turned off the width is as it should be. I have the following install. Graphical_Borders_v2.1 Column Controller w Admin v2.2_for_2.2ms2_fixed product_listing_columns_2_2a product_listing_columns_with_iIndividual_boxes_1.2 http://www.airsoftsupplydrop.co.uk/catalog/index.html Any one have any ideas on what the problem could be. Thanks Rob
  23. ogg2k

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    After a order is completed with paypal IPN im getting products with a total stock level of 0 being turned off. I have change checkout_process.php to stop out of stock item being disabled which works with all payment apart from paypal IPN Does any one know a way to stop this happening. Thanks
  24. ogg2k

    fast easy checkout

    When the Country ented does not match the zone list i get this error "Error Please select a county/state from the County/State pull down menu." but there is on menu. Im using create_account1.php does anyone know how to make this work out or if not remove the error. thanks rob