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  1. Oh, I am a great admirer of Mercer's OsComm Beginner's Edition! Anyone who is relatively new to osComm -- especially non-programmers and weekend-Webmasters like myself -- should have this book. I have the Professional edition as well. Thanks again for zeroing in on the source of my problem, Monika. Dave
  2. Monika to the rescue once again! Thanks. I made the changes you suggested and the edited Flat Rates module works fine now. I think I know which osComm book I'm getting for Christmas ;-) * On a side note . . . I just went back to page 136 of the Mercer book (Beginner's Edition), and I wonder if they added the passage that you suggested? The section called "Flat Rates" in both the Begiinner's Edition (2006) and the Professional Edition (2005) seem identical. Both versions include this sentence: "Then edit these copies, replacing each occurrence of the term flat or FLAT with the name of the copied files." I interpreted "or" in that sentence to mean "either, but not both." So I just replaced the lowercase version (the only "whole word" variable name I saw). I do not see any passage that is as clear as your last post. However, I also made the mistake of doing a "whole word" search and replace, when I needed to replace the string FLAT within a longer variable names like MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT2_TEXT_TITLE. So there you go.
  3. Greetings, My goal is to create five Flat Rate shipping modules by copying and editing the appropriate flat.php files. As a test, I created one new Flat Rate module, using the instructions in Mercer's book (osCommerce: Beginner's Edition, page 138) to copy and edit the flat.php files that support the Flat Rate module. Hoeever, when I display the Admin-> Shipping Modules page, I see two Flat Rate shipping modules, both of which are named "Flat Rate" (not "Flat Rate" and "Flat Rate 2"). When I edit one Flat Rate Module, the changes show up in both modules. The attributes for both of these modules seem to be from original flat.php file. Not, as I would hope, from the flat and flat2 files, respectively. Suggestions? DETAILS I created copy of "flat.php" in catalog\includes\modules\shipping and catalog\includes\languages\english\modules\shipping. In the new file, I replaced "flat" with "flat2" as described in the Mercer book cited previously. In order to distinguish flat2.php from flat.php, etc., I customized the strings in . . . catalog\includes\languages\english\modules\shipping\flat2.php . . . as follows . . . define('MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_TEXT_TITLE', 'Flat Rate 2'); define('MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_TEXT_DESCRIPTION', 'Flat Rate 2'); define('MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_TEXT_WAY', 'Best Way 2'); etc. I then uploaded all of the files. However, I noticed the problems cited above. When I look at the HTML/PHP code for the Admin-> Shipping Modules page, I see that the code is partially correct; that is, the table row for each module (tr class="dataTableRow") specifies the correct flat rate ID (flat or flat2). However, the table cells for each module (td class="dataTableContent">Flat Rate</td>) seem to be coming from the original original flat.php file.