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  1. Wazzz

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Opps... It's been a while since I've worked on this, so sorry for my dopey enquiry... Apparantly the Transaction Type should be Capture, & it's set in \includes\modules\payment\hsbc.php (just for the record)... Value can be 'TransactionType'=>'Capture', or 'TransactionType'=>'Auth', according to the HSBC 'literature'... :blush: Well that's that then... ;)
  2. Wazzz

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Hmmm... The saga continues... HSBC say that Transaction Type needs to be Authorise & not Capture, but I can't see an option to set this in Jose's module... Anyone hit this one before? HSBC are sitting on funds that they've 'captured', but won't release... Oh Dear... ;-)
  3. Wazzz

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Oh; & Thanks for replying, Vger!!! I've been reading this Thread for so long I feel as if I've been posting in it, too... My Manners are Shocking... :blush:
  4. Wazzz

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Hmmm... I must admit that their Support has been a bit poor... They told me I could only access restricted Client folders through an SSH console, but it works fine if you drill down through the Root GUI... I guess I'll have to wait until Monday to hassle them on the phone... :-( If I get any joy, I'll certainly post it in here... :-)
  5. Wazzz

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Ay Caramba... Having read through all posts etc, I can't even get the HSBC Sample to work... I'm running on a Webfusion VPS & have access to everything, but... My error log is telling me that TestHash can't find the .so library, but I've got it loaded in my Root /usr/lib/ & also in the Client /usr/lib/ Also, I've got an LD_LIBRARY_PATH entry in .bash_profile (it shows up after an 'env' check in the console) pointing to another copy in the Client lib folder but none of these work!!! Any help or input Most Gratefully received...