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    Okay I sorted out the issue of using OS Affiliate with a templated system, man that was a pain! For those that wasnt an idea of how I did it, I wish i could explain it. It was the hackiest, guess work I have ever done. There was one } that had to be removed from the header.tpl and all the affiliate pages, well I ripped the <left> and <right> boxes out, made a new menu with the links and placed it at the top of the page. That solved the way it fit into the template. I also updated the icons to be abit more modern, if you want them PM me and I'll post them. Despite all the trouble, I'm happy to have figured it out myself, along with little tips and such here and there regarding my problem from the great ppl here at osc.
  2. canguk

    OSS Affiliate Issues

    Okay - I feel stupid. I fixed the issue with the admin panel affiliate stats in the Admin "Boxes" Menu -
  3. Okay so I install everything and I can configure the affiliate program in admin - but at the bottom where it lists stats ect, I get a message saying Access Denied No Right Permission Access and to contact myself LOL its the forbiden.php file.. Also, I set the box in the user menu on the main page and it looks good, but when I click the links, I get this Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_show_category() (previously declared in /home/dealz/public_html/includes/header.php:209) in /home/dealz/public_html/includes/boxes/categories.php on line 13 Where the page should be.... http://dealz.co.kr/affiliate_affiliate.php I am using a template and I read a thread that mentioned templates but no solution to it- If anyone has some tips the guide me in the right direction it would be a life saver.