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  1. njbeacher

    [Addon} Modular SEO Header Tags

    If I use the Product title - Category Name, it only picks up the category name that is one level up. If that category is a subcategory and there is a higher level category, how would you include that one as well in the Title? Thanks.
  2. njbeacher

    Header Tags SEO

    I am trying to edit all the products in one category with a Generic keyword tag and then the item name. Like "Ground Coffee - ITEMNAME". There are about 100 products per category. Wouldn't be too easy to do all by hand via admin -> catalog.
  3. njbeacher

    Header Tags SEO

    If I am on the Fill Tags screen and I click the "check to fill title and tags with generic strings" this activates the check boxes below. I now higlight a single category (In the top CATEGORIES section) and then under products I check the TITLE box. I fill in a title and I am expecting that it will fill only the title in the category I select above, but it instead fills all categories. I am running version 3.2.6. Am I using it wrong or is this a known (and fixed?) issue?
  4. njbeacher

    Header Tags SEO

    Awesome! Thank you much. Been staring at the code for a week on this one. :)
  5. njbeacher

    Header Tags SEO

    I am running OSCommerce 2.3.1. Installed the latest version of SEO. When I go to page control for product_info.php, if I check/uncheck Product, the page title does add/remove the product name. However, if I click/unclick Category, no change occurs. I have tried using the stock product_info.php from the contribution and the same thing occurs. I checked the DB and the entries there look the same as the page title. Any ideas what I might have missed? Thanks.
  6. Hello. I have configured a store with a minimum amount using the Minimum Amount contribution. There are 1 or 2 items I do not want to place this restriction on. Is there a mod or can someone explain how to implement this feature? Thanks