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  1. I just want three slave products with a picture, name, and buy now button for each slave. is this posible? I am using a contrib to show product listings in column format, I would like to do the same in the slave listing.
  2. forgot to add. If the customer decided to choose one of each subproduct then they would automatically get the cheaper of the two included and would have to pay for the more expensive one. I think this is going to be fairly complicated to do. Kinda eggheady
  3. I am trying to list my products in a structure as follows Customer looks at gauge at bottom customer has three sensors to choose from. 1 of the sensors will be included for free but if he chooses from the other two then there will be a upcharge of a few bucks to make up for the difference in cost. Now if the customer wants to, they can choose more than one in qty and the 1st will cost the same as before, but more after that will cost full price. The customer will then choose a bracket based on the same concept 1 for free, other two cost 3 dollars more, and if there is more than one then the others will be full price. Dell does something similar when you buy a computer from there website. I looked at ccc and wondered if it would work, but its for computers. How hard would it be to make that work? I am fairly good at modifying code but not good at starting from scratch. (Hello World!) is about as far as I get. I also looked at master products but it seems that that would take a lot of work as well. thanks in advance. Kirk
  4. I want to automatically add a product to customers basket once a month that way when they log in all they have to do is check out and pay. I would need to delete old products in case they have not loged in in a few months, I do not want the products to stack up in the basket. Any guidence would be appreciated! its either that or add the product to the cart through the database and make it so it does not get deleted after they pay for it, but I tried that and everytime I login to purchese the product it shows the product in the basket after I choose payment option but it does not show the shiping address so I have to click edit product and then click update and then it works fine. I am basically using the products table in the database for paying rent if you are curious. If I can get this done, then all that will be left is adding the late fees if they are late on thier payment which is a nother challenge that I do not know how to overcome yet either. Thanks.
  5. Kirk6677

    Ok A Few Contrib/mod Questions

    very cool, I will just make a html template and let them edit that and paste it in the wysiwyg editor. I had seen this contib in os2max but I totaly did not even think of that. Thanks for the help
  6. is there a contrib that mabey has a template for product descriptions? I can add product descriptions and format the text as I want with no problems, but my customer does not know html and he wants the descriptions formated with bullets and so on. also, is there a contrib that changes the sign up page to have a extra number, instead of phone and fax I need home, work, cell. I know I can just change the english files for two of them and make them home and work, but I need a third for cell. had more questions but I will look through the contribs yet agian because I know I have seen what I need before. Kirk
  7. Kirk6677

    [Contribution] Dynamic MoPics v2.2

    cool, I am going to start on it later today and I will see if I can make that work.
  8. Kirk6677

    [Contribution] Dynamic MoPics v2.2

    ahh never mind the above, hotscripts.com is a great place. Now I just need to figure out how to make the pictures show up in the admin side when editing the product. I suppose If i can track dow all of the functions in the catalog side that make this contrib work I could integrate them into the admin side somehow
  9. Kirk6677

    [Contribution] Dynamic MoPics v2.2

    can someone point me in the right direction. I installed dynamic mo pics and I like it much better than mo pics but I still need the avalibility to upload the extra pictures from the admin when adding or editing a product. I do not want my customer to have access too any files other than the big and thumb folders,,, this is why i can not just use the file manager. Thanks, Kirk
  10. I had an older installation and it was working fine. I had to move my site from a linux/apache server to a new windows server with iis. everything worked great and then i moved and everything worked great agian except for the administrators function. here is what happens go to log in page www.mysite.com/admin/index.php and i get rediredted to www.mysite.com/admin/login.php?in_login=yes&retpage= There is where i login and click the login button only to get redirected to www.mysite.com/admin/login.php but instead of showing that page, i get page can not be found If i refresh i go back to the login page. I can go to the address bar and change the login.php to index.php and it lets me in. If i enter the wrong password it redirects me but I can see the page and enter my login agian. I just cant figure this one out. mainly why the page does not show when I know it is a good url.
  11. Kirk6677

    easy populate problem

    never mind, I had v_products_name instead of v_products_name_1
  12. I am getting the following error on every product imported Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/html/admin/easypopulate.php on line 1381 DateAvail was --0000-00-00 00:00:00--DateAdded was --3/3/2003 17:32-- | 2 | 001.jpg | 1 | 'BK str | | | | | 25 | | 0000-00-00 | 3/3/2003 1 | 1 | Ducks Unli | Straight B | Ducks Unli | Belts | | | | | | Active Updated Any ideas? Thanks, Kirk
  13. Kirk6677

    I need a feature like this :

    I used to work for a company called ddms. they are one of the largest suppliers of proprietary software for wholsale office supply companys, they set up the systems, servers and software all as part of the package, however,,,they also offer a website pakage that is integrated with the customers ddms server. it has something similar to what you are looking for. http://www.dswebengine.com/demo/ click on supply wizard, I do not know if they have the code on the site hidden or not , I did not have time to check , but you might be able to get what you need from there and modify it, if that is considered moral.
  14. Kirk6677

    Image contrib questions

    Thanks, I am starting on it now Kirk
  15. Kirk6677

    Image contrib questions

    Ok, Well I am My own system administrator, I have two dns servers, 1 mail server, and 2 iis servers, and now a apache server dedicated to this one os commerce site. I can use windows2000, iis, asp, and so on blindfolded, but I am somewhat new to the unix, mysql, and php world. If you would kindly point me to the 2.1 download, I assume it is on php's website, I will download it and install it. I think I can handle that with no poblems as long as it has a few instructions with it. You people to fast, I had three more posts, before I could finish my one post Thanks, For the help