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  1. mhalloran

    UPS Shipping Module broken

    Things have been corrected! IPower is our host, and I've noticed that quite a few of you who have had this problem were also hosted by IPower. So, the bit of history is that they had moved some IP addresses around, our host was affected. I don't know the exact change that caused (or solved) the problem, but I have saved the server info page so that I know what settings now work. So, when this comes up again, and I'm sure it will, I'd be happy to walk through the php settings etc with anyone whos suffering. Cheers, me
  2. mhalloran

    UPS Shipping Module broken

    Well, a bit more information. My service provider has done some bouncing around of things - we haven't put our finger on what changed and is causing the problems, but we're stilll fighting through it. Also, UPS has been helpful as well. Here's a little information that they provide as a checklist of items to check. Hope this helps. I've seen this error all over the forums, but no one has posted the complete solution. I'll try and provide as much info as I can here. Cheers... === UPS Email === Dear Mark, Thank you for your interest in UPS. We have received your e- mail requesting technical support. Mark, I do apologize for any inconvenience that this issue may cause. At this time we are not blocking any IP addresses from access the UPS OnLine Tools. Please refer to the information below to ensure that your Proxy Server and Firewall are configured properly. The following is a list of items that need to be configured into your firewall or proxy for UPS to communicate correctly. If these items are not configured as such, you may experience issues when attempting to access the My UPS.COM features, such as UPS Rates and Service, UPS Tracking or Address Validation. Please be aware that we are providing the following information so that your IT support staff may be able to successfully configure your IP proxy or firewall for successful, secure TCP/IP communications between UPS. 1. Set the list of trusted or non-restricted sites in your proxy software to all addresses employed by UPS. This is usually designated as *.ups.com or the entire 153.2 "Class B" IP network, which is controlled by UPS. 2. TCP/IP Ports 80 and 443 must be enabled for incoming and outgoing (bi-directional) communications. UPS not only sends information out to the server but the server sends information back. It needs to be able to get through the proxy in both directions. a. Port 443 is an industry standard for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secured (HTTPS) message using Secured Sockets Layer (SSL). b. Port 80 allows for communications using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). 3. TCP/IP Port 8080 must also be enabled for incoming and outgoing communications (bi-directional). This allows for access through a proxy server. 4. SSL 3.0 and 2.0 must be enabled in IE. This is configured in the "Advanced" section in your Internet Options. SSL is an industry standard for secured communications. This is used to protect your information while on the Internet. 5. DNS-LoopBack (if available) must be enabled.
  3. mhalloran

    UPS Shipping Module broken

    We've just found that the UPS Shipping module seems to have broken - does anyone else have any knowledge of this? The error on checkout_shipping.php is: Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to www.ups.com:80 in home/catalog/includes/classes/http_client.php on line 330 Thanks & cheers, mark
  4. mhalloran


    Whoah, Hold on horsey.... I've got to admit, linking in our existing CC payment was easier than trying to accept PayPal payments... We've had it enabled for one day, received our first notification of a Paypal ...you have cash... (substitute you most obnoxious sound for this), and found that we now have a transaction in the twilight zone (du-du-du-du-du-du-DU-du). I _stupidly_ assumed that the core paypal module would actually _allow_ me to view the order, fulfill it and track it... I was wrong (not the first, not the last, but getting fewer in-between)... Paypal has a transaction for a "personalized mementos" and shipping, no item detail, etc. (now, I did have some help setting up the account - ok, actually, I didn't set it up - but she's sharp as a frigg'n scalpal, so I know it's not like drawing stick figures. So, cutting through all the *fun*, any robust paypal users out there who can friggin hold my hand while I get this working? I'd love some help here, thanks & Cheers, mark
  5. mhalloran

    Getting to the Paypal Payment Details pg directly

    Hey, Interestingly enough, we just added paypal as an option - and received our first paypal order today. I was shocked when the order was not present within OSC?!?!? 'Nuff said, anyone out there a paypal user (veteran - not neophite like me) and can walk me through the process? I'm _distressed_, and dissappointed at the hoops through which we're having to jump to get the transaction details... Thanks (no, really, if you can help THANKS!), mark